Reward Your Customers for Product Reviews With Our New Integration With Flits

Reward your customers for product reviews with our new integration with Flits

At Expert Village Media, we’re always trying to partner with the best Shopify apps to enable you to do more with ours. In our zeal to do the same, we’re happy to announce our recent partnership and integration with one of the best Shopify apps that helps stores create customized customer account pages – Flits.

If you’re using our Photo Reviews and Testimonials app to display customer reviews and ratings on your store, you should read this.

Shopify apps you need to use this integration:

About the integration

As the competition for consumer attention increases, it is important to focus on trust-building. And when 80% of online shoppers trust reviews and ratings on the internet, that’s exactly what you need to get. But getting customers to drop your reviews and ratings can be tough. Sometimes email requests don’t work and that’s where incentivizing them with rewards comes in.

With this integration, you will be able to use the Photo Reviews and Testimonials app to request and showcase reviews and ratings on your store. At the same time, you will be able to reward your customers with in-store credits to drop the reviews using Flits. What’s more? They can see how many credits they earn in the Flits customer account page, keeping them motivated to continue reviewing your products.

Must-know details of the integration

Photo Reviews and Testimonials equips you with a number of features, but in this integration, you will only be able to use photo and text reviews.

You will be able to use this integration if you’re using store credits as the paid-on in the Flits app.

How to use the integration

Step 1: Make sure you have both Flits and Photo Reviews and Testimonials installed on your Shopify store.

Step 2: Log into your Shopify store admin and go to the Flits app dashboard. Click on Integrations.

Step 3: After clicking on Integrations, you will see the EVM Photo Reviews and Testimonials app.

If you are not on the Advance, Professional or Enterprise Plan, that has the store credits add-on, you will not be able to access this integration.

If you are on any of the above-mentioned plans on Flits, you will see a button on the right side of the EVM Photo Reviews and Testimonials app.

flits integration photo reviews app

Step 4: Toggle the switch on to enable the integration. You will see the toggle button turn green when you do so.

step 4 integration with flits

Step 5: Click on ‘Integrate with Photo Reviews and Testimonials’.

step 5 flits integration

Step 6: When you complete step 5, you will be taken to the EVM Photo Reviews and Testimonials app integration tab. Toggle the switch you see here to enable the integration.

When you do this, you will see a pop up with the text ‘Enabled successfully’.

step final of flits and photo reviews integration

Rewarding your customers for reviews

To give rewards to customers that drop reviews on your products, you need to go to ‘Credit’ settings under ‘Settings’ in the Flits app admin.

reward customers for photo reviews

Here’s a glimpse at how the reviews will look on your Shopify storefront:

photo reviews and testimonials

Reviews are displayed on every product page. Customers can leave text reviews and also upload a photo of their purchase along with them.

Once the customer has left a review, they will automatically receive a reward for the same as store credits.

The Flits app does not have the functionality to give separate rewards for text and photos. So the rewards will be the same whether or not a customer adds a photo to their review.

Ready to turn customers into loyal customers and get more reviews and ratings on your products?

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