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Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platform these days which provides you a number of features like a user friendly interface, shopping cart, order management, dropshipping blog integration, a huge theme store to select best theme for your store, email templates, multiple payment gateways, shipping carriers and lot more.

We design and code responsive shopify store design that can enhance your sales online. The store site that we provide are SEO ready and designed for better sales. We try to provide you a custom designed site with everything manageable easily from your Shopify admin panel.


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    We focus on design and user experience of your website a lot. Once user lands on your site, its the design that creates the first impression and it should be best.

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    Looking for a quick shopify site using a theme? Contact us and we will setup the best theme for your site from shopify shopify theme store. We will also design some banners for the site.

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    We can provide you a custom designed shopify site that can fit your brand identity. Sometimes the readymade themes are not sufficient for your site so custom design site works best. We design mockups in this and do the site based on that.

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    We can do a bilingual theme for your shopify ecommerce website. Shopify doesnt provides a bilungual theme on their theme store but we can do a custom theme for you to provide bilingual support for it.

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    It has been proved recently that more than 50% of customers like to buy from their smartphones. You cannot avoid these customers. We provide responsive design service for your shopify site so that your customers can browse the site in their mobile phones easily to buy and it increase the buyer experience.

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    We assign a project manager for each client who will be your single point of contact and responsivble for all the communication with you. He will be in touch with you till end of job and also after that as well. Our Project Managers are well trained and are easily reachable by skype, phone or email. No matter whats the size of the job, communication will be equal for all clients.

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Our Custom Shopify Modules

We have created some custom modules of Shopify to enhance your store’s functionality and user experience.

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    Custom Color Swatches

    We have coded a color swatch system for sites that has products with more than one color. Check more details here: Custom Shopify Color Swatches

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    Custom Product Filters

    A product filter is important part of a ecommerce site that can allow users to find the desired product by filtering them with various parameters like price, color, size etc. We have coded a module for that system. See more details here: Shopify Product Filters

Shopify Experts at Expert Village Media continuously works hard to provide you the best ROI from your online store. You can find lot of custom modules in the stores we created so far. We have customers all over the Globe including New York, New Jersey, UK, Australia and India as well. Check our huge portfolio of Shopify Websites here. Ask for more details.

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    One of the most important thing that we need in a ecommerce system that it should be easy to use for non technical people as well. User should be easily able to add his products, check order history, play with themes, add new features by using apps etc.


    Shopify support team is too supportive and fast. As soon as you contact the live chat support, you will find yourself next in queue most of the time. So there is very less wait time. The support team helps you in all the cases whether you need some help in product setup, order management etc.


    SEO is the key benefit in SHopify as it comes with a well structured and organized system for seo. You can easily modify the meta details of your store. There is no hassle for you in shopify to buy hosting plans, worry about the bandwidth, space and all. Shopify provides you unlimited bandwidth, a hosting for the site, and a..


    There is no hassle for you in shopify to buy hosting plans, worry about the bandwidth, space and all. Shopify provides you unlimited bandwidth, a hosting for the site, and a storage space as well. So you dont have to worry about hosting plans and all.


    Shopify themes are customizable, which you can customize by the help of any Shopify Expert easily. The themes have been coded in liquid files.


    Shopify App Store provides you a number of apps, both free and paid, by which you can enhance your store functionality and features.


    Shopify is secure so forget about site security. Sites run on a https.

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Over the past 7 years, we have worked on more than 600 websites