Website Re-Design

Website Redesign

Most of the inquiries that we receive have a common request in them, that is Website Redesign. Almost 75% of clients request a website overhaul or redesign. Some people have very old website around 10 years old and they want it to be redesigned. Some need their site to be redesigned to make it much better to generate more sales from it.

Its not a correct assumption that by redesigning your website, you can increase marketing. The fact is, you can increase your sales without driving additional traffic to site, by just increasing the conversion ratio. A website if redesigned with strong call to action, navigation and proper content placement can increase conversion rate exponentially.

We at Expert Village Media Technologies has a clear work process for a website overhaul. We always redesign the websites with an eye to high conversion rate and proper optimization for search engines too.

Visit our Before and After section for samples of redesign work that we did.