How to Build Customer Trust on your Shopify Store to Increase Conversions

As an online store, shoppers don’t have a direct connection with you. At retail stores, shoppers can touch and feel the products and understand if the product is of high quality. You can also understand if the store is trustable because you would see people coming in and out of the store. Building customer trust for an online store, in turn, gets a little tricky.

But, customer trust is an important part of a customer-brand relationship. The more trust a shopper has on a brand, the more likely they are to buy from the brand. In fact, 69% of shoppers will continue to buy a product from a trusted brand even if a competitor is getting better reviews.

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When shoppers land on a Shopify store, they are looking for clues to understand if the brand is trustable and if they can confidently make a purchase. You can build customer trust and increase your Shopify store’s credibility with some smart tactics.

We’ve listed these 6 tactics you can set up to increase customer trust on your Shopify store.

6 Ways to Increase Customer Trust On Your Shopify Store

1. Keep your pop-ups to a minimum

Many Shopify stores enable 2 or 3 pop-ups that are shown to shoppers when they land on their store. Unfortunately, multiple pop-ups are commonly associated with malware and lack of security on the website. When shoppers are bombarded with so many pop-ups, they end up leaving. 

When setting up, ensure that you’ve only set up 1 pop-up. You can choose which one you want to display— email subscription pop-up, information about the loyalty program, etc. 

Be sure to add a delay to the pop-up when setting it up or even set it up to only be displayed at the exit intent. This way, shoppers have a few seconds to look through your store before they are asked to subscribe or join the loyalty program.

2. Add social proof with user-generated images

Shoppers want proof that your products are being used by others just like them. What better way to provide this social proof than with user-generated images! You can display user-generated images on your Shopify store in a few ways:

  • Add a lookbook with the Lookbook app and compile the pictures sent by customers using your product.
  • Embed an Instagram feed with Instapics and share pictures posted by your customers to show your products in use.
  • Take your Instagram feed a notch higher by making it shoppable with Cameo. Shoppers can click on each image and find the features products.
  • Add images of your customers using a product to the respective product page.

3. Display reviews on product pages

Reviews can help customers understand if the product is the right fit for them and understand if the quality of the product is up to the mark. 87% of consumers place as much trust in a product review as they would word-to-mouth.

This trust is seen in the sales generated. On average, reviews produce an 18% uplift in sales. You can collect and display reviews on your Shopify store with the Photo Reviews & Testimonials app. Using the app, you can send automated messages requesting a review from shoppers and display them on your product pages.

The app allows you to customize the reviews displayed to match the look and design of your Shopify store.

Increase customer trust by installing the Photo Reviews & Testimonials app now.

evm reviews and testimonials

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4. Add Shopify trust badges on the checkout page

One of the most common reasons for cart abandonment is the lack of trust that shoppers have with the payment method. Shoppers may be skeptical of being scammed and would choose not to shop. This is where trust badges Shopify can help.

A trust badge indicates to shoppers that your store is trustable and uses secure payment methods. Shoppers would see that you have a verified payment gateway and be more inclined to shop from you. One brand tested the impact of trust badges on a webpage and saw a whopping 42% increase in sales.

You can use the Free Trust Badge app to display badges on your Shopify store’s checkout.

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You can even use other apps like Free Trust Badges for Shopify, Shopify Trust Badges by Shopclimb apps and many other app companies.

5. Provide live chat experience

One way to build customer trust is to provide assistance in the form of a live chat. Shopify live chat can help shoppers clear any doubts and questions they may have. The ability to speak to a real human can provide a personalized experience and make the shopper trust the brand more. 

Websites that use live chat usually have a 20% higher conversion rate than websites that don’t. 

You can enable live chat on your Shopify store with Tidio Live Chat. The app also allows you to add automated responses for common questions that your customer executives don’t have to respond to every question that comes up.

6. Create a refund page for transparency

A refund page can help inform shoppers of your refund policy and let them know your terms for which products can be returned or refunded and how long their order is eligible for return. 

With such a page, shoppers can review the terms of your store’s refunds or returns before they purchase from your Shopify store. They will then feel more comfortable to shop from you due to the transparency you provide with the refund page. In fact, without a refund page, customers often feel suspicious of the brand and would end up not purchasing from the store.

Prioritize Customer Trust to Increase Conversions on Your Shopify Store

We hope this helped you understand the different ways you can increase customer trust and make your Shopify store more credible. By prioritizing customer trust, you can improve your engagement and conversions. 

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