Shopify and Volusion are the two leading ecommerce softwares online. Both includes web hosting and provides lot of features that can help you building a successful ecommerce website. If we compare both of them on some key portions of their features, then Shopify Leads above Volusion.

Lets take a look on their features and find which is better.


Shopify and Volusion both has a similar pricing structure. Shopify has a starter plan of $14 per month and provides a 14 day free trial. There is no setup cost or cancellation charges. Shopify has some attractive plans of discounts like if you signup for a 1 year, 2 year plan.

On the other hand, Volusion also includes a 14 day free trial. Volusion’s pricing starts from $15 per month but it get behind Shopify in cost here as it charges extra money in terms of transactions fees, extra bandwidth usage and other. You also have to pay extra if you want to add more products than allowed limit, but in case of Shopify, all plans have unlimited products option which is the best feature for you.

Volusion even charges a monthly if you want to remove the “Powered by Volusion” line in footer of your site. So here we give SHopify a thumbsup and its a winner.


SHopify provides an excellent admin panel to manage your content and products with a lot of addons that you can buy and integrate in your store. On the other hand, Volusion also has a good admin panel but not better than Shopify.


One very important feature of Shopify is that it includes Blog Section. Blog is very important for ecommerce websites if we talk about seo as content marketing gives you an edge to rank better. On other hand, Volusion missed this feature, although you can create a blog on some other url and add that url to your Volusion site. Volusion should include a blogging tool in their system.

Summarizing all, if we decide that which one is better, then I can easily say that Shopify beats Volusion, although Volusion is an old company than Shopify. Shopify is very user friendly, cost effective and comes with lot of features but Volusion seems like its been created for Web Developers, not for normal people. Some of the things on which Volusion should work are Blogging tool, their pricing structure that they charge extra for using extra bandwidth and they provides limited products per package.

We would like to request our readers to share their comments below in comments section, what they think and whats their experience with Shopify and Volusion. Cheers.