Ways to Make your Product Recommendations More Effective

If you’ve already set up product recommendations on your Shopify store— you’re one step ahead! Recommendations are a great way to subtly nudge shoppers to check out other items on your store, getting them to spend more time on your store and increasing your chances of capturing more purchases.

Kappa, a leading sportswear brand, set up product recommendations on their store to increase AOV by 11%.

If your Shopify store doesn’t have any product recommendations yet, you can follow this guide to learn about the different product recommendations and where you can place them.

Once you’ve started using product recommendations, you can follow these general best practices to maximize their use and generate more revenue through them.

Not sure why recommendations are effective in generating sales? Learn about the benefits of recommendations and how they help.

Best Practices to Make Your Product Recommendations More Effective

1. Show product ratings for credibility

When displaying product recommendations, it’s best to prove the quality of these products. You can do this by adding ratings to your products so that customers can see just how well-received each product is.

You can set up these reviews in your product recommendations by integrating Wiser with a Shopify review app like Judge.me. This integration automatically displays ratings with your recommendations. 

recently-viewed-product-recommendations-wiser (1)

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2. Test different types of widgets to understand what works for you

You can show recommendations on different parts of your Shopify store, from the storefront to custom pages to the thank you page. But, how these recommendation widgets perform depends on which type of recommendation it is, where it is placed and how.

When displaying recommendations, it’s crucial to test different types and see which ones perform  best on your Shopify store. You may find that a ‘Related Products’ widget converts more shoppers on your product page than a ‘New Arrivals’ widget.


related product recommendationsWiser is a Shopify recommendations app made to help you generate revenue through well-placed recommendations. Once you’ve set up your recommendations, you can monitor their analytics through the app to help you make data-driven decisions about your recommendations.

Install Wiser to get started with product recommendations.

3. Place multiple widgets on your storefront

You can generate more revenue by analyzing how Amazon sells more through its data-driven sales strategies.

One way that Amazon has been able to sell more is by displaying multiple recommendation widgets on its storefront. 35% of Amazon’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine. 

By only placing one widget, you limit the number of sales you could capture through your storefront. However, with multiple widgets, you have more opportunities to sell, allowing shoppers to look at a range of recommendations– from New Arrivals to Bestsellers.

Wiser lets you set up as many recommendations as you want on your Shopify store. Install the Shopify app to generate revenue through recommendations. 

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4. Send recommendations via email

As one of the most trusted marketing channels, email is one place where you must place product recommendations. In fact, recommendations in emails have

But, just any recommendation won’t do! You need to display product suggestions that your shoppers will respond to, based on their preferences and shopping habits. For instance, recommending your highest-priced items to your discount loving shopper will yield little to no results. 

Here’s how we suggest you go about it–

Step 1: Tap into your customer analytics and identify different kinds of shoppers. You can use RevTap to easily bucket different customers. 

Step 2: Integrate Wiser to your email marketing app like Klaviyo or Mailchimp. This will help you easily add recommendation widgets to your emails with just one click.

Step 3: Display recommendations in different emails, based on the type of customer you are targeting. Test and understand which kind of recommendations work best for specific shoppers.

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5. Display recommendations within cart drawers

Your cart page is one of the most important touchpoints where you can easily sell more to a customer. By placing recommendations in your cart, you can create opportunities to sell more products and increase AOV.

Many merchants don’t add recommendations to their cart since they have enabled a cart drawer. But, with the right apps and integrations, you can easily set up recommendations in your cart drawer!

Wiser integrates with SlideCart, allowing you to place recommendations within your cart drawer. This way, your shoppers can easily see other products suggested by you that pair well with the item already in the cart.

Here’s how Casper displays recommendations in its cart drawer to sell more;

personalized product recommendations

Add product recommendations on your Shopify cart page to sell more. Install Wiser now.

6. Show recommendations on customer account page

Customer account pages are personal to the customer, curated to fit their interests and browsing history. Make this page a space that your customers would love to visit by displaying recommendations within your customer account page. 

Since these recommendations are sure to be personalized to the customer, you can use these product suggestions to nudge more purchases from them.

Place the ‘Browsing History’ recommendation widget to show customers all the products they looked at previously. You can also test out other personalized recommendation widgets like “Inspired By Your Browsing History” to show items that are similar to what the customer has looked at.

Placing recommendations in your customer account page is easy with our integration with Flits. Read how you can set up the integration between Wiser and Flits and sell through your customer account pages easily.

7. Customize them to match your Shopify store design

Your recommendation widgets can be customized to match the look and feel of your Shopify store. It’s crucial to keep them in line with how the rest of your Shopify store looks so that shoppers have a frictionless experience with these recommendations and don’t feel like they are being pushed to shop. 

Using Wiser, an AI-powered recommendation app, you can customize your Shopify store design. The app lets you customize every element in your recommendation widget, from color to how the product grid looks. With full control over the widget’s appearance, you can easily make it match the rest of your store and make it a seamless part of your Shopify store experience.

Set up product recommendations on your Shopify store with Wiser!

8. Set up recommendations in web push notifications

Another marketing channel to send recommendations through is web push notifications. Web push notifications are instantly delivered to the subscriber’s screen, making it highly visible. 

You can send recommendations through web push notifications by targeting subscribers who bought a specific item or bought from a specific collection. You can then send these shoppers a collection that they are sure to love, linking it to your action buttons or to a specific product that is relevant to their interests.

For instance, if you sell sneakers, you can send a web push notification about a newly launched limited edition shoes to your repeat shoppers. Since these shoppers are already a fan of your products, they will be more inclined to check out this product. This highly specific recommendation is sure to help you sell more of this product.

9. Send recommendations via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is used by 1.3 billion users globally. So, it only makes sense to use this as a marketing channel to recommend products to your customers. Messenger apps like Octane and ReCart allow you to send promotions through Facebook Messenger.

You can use this channel to send product recommendations. You can recommend specific collections to your customers or even send targeted messages to segmented customers based on their browsing history and preferences. For instance, you can upsell relevant products that match well with what a shopper previously bought. 

10. Add product recommendations in your SMS

With offline delivery and an open rate as high as 98%, SMS is perfect if you want to reach your customers instantly or want a more direct way of communicating with them. Many merchants send SMS campaigns around time-sensitive sales and even use the channel to update customers about their order status.

Sending product recommendations within your SMS campaigns is easy. You can segment your customer base and then send personalized messages recommending specific products to these shoppers or even set up automated upsell messages that dynamically suggest products based on the shopper’s past purchase. 

SMS marketing apps like SMSBump and TxtCart are built to help you set up personalized campaigns.

product recommendations sms

11. Display recommendations within pop-ups for higher visibility

Whether it’s to get them to buy a higher-priced item or to get them to stay on your store, pop-ups are made to catch your shopper’s attention. However, most pop-ups are not compelling enough to convince shoppers to stay on. This is why showing product recommendations within your pop-ups should help.

You can set up pop-ups to be shown with product recommendations, either of the shopper’s browsing history or of products that are selling well. This can help you convince shoppers they need to continue browsing on your Shopify store.

Set up high-converting product recommendations

We hope this guide helps you set up product recommendations that are effective at increasing engagement on your Shopify store and convert your shoppers better. By making your recommendations more visible, testing different types, and showing how well-loved each item is, you have a better chance of increasing purchases through recommendations.

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Wiser is built to help you generate sales through personalized product recommendations. Using the Shopify app, you can place personalized recommendations across your Shopify store and ensure these recommendations are customized to match your Shopify store design. The app also lets you view detailed analytics so that you can learn what works and improve your strategy over time.

Install Wiser to display product recommendations on your store and increase Shopify sales.