Key Elements of an Effective Amazon Webstore Design

Every ecommerce website has some important factors which helps a lot in its sales. Design is also one of those important factors that we cannot ignore. Same thing applied for Amazon Webstore Designs too. There are EIGHT key elements which makes a complete Amazon Webstore Design. We have tried to put together these elements for you in a design, check it below:



1: At this position, you can add your email id, phone number or any support contact details that you want.  It will assist you customers to reach you easily when needed.

2: Add a site search in your Amazon Webstore for a better user experience.

3:  On this position, you can either add a banner image or a image slideshow which shows your products details and offerings. Its the best way to showcase much information in less space.

4:  Add product categories on left side of page so that customers can filter their products as per categories.

5:  This place has to be for products for better sales as most of the traffic of your website will be on homepage so instead of just having products on internal pages, have them on homepage too.

6: Add client’s testimonials and reviews on this position so that new customers will feel safer in buying from your Webstore.

7: Brand logos. Add logos of popular brands whose products you sell on your webstore. It will help customers to filter out products from brands and also build trust among them.

8:  You can add some text, links to inner pages, copyright text and social media icons on this place.

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