Amazon Webstore Checkout Options

Amazon Webstore provides a lot of features which can be used to enhance the usability of your store. Among many of those features, Amazon Checkout is also a great feature. You can offer your customers two checkout options, one is your store branded checkout and another is Amazon’s popular checkout system which is well known among Amazon’s customers. Amazon Webstore allows to provide both checkout options side-by-side.


Amazon checkout provides a number of opportunities to help in growing your business –

  • Enable Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping
  • Build Trust & Confidence: Your customers will feel it reliable to pay on your site if you offer then use their own Amazon’s crednetials to complete the purchase. It builds trust and confidence among them and will be benificial for your store sales.
  • Easier process: The process is easier for your customers which increases the usability of site.
  • Protection & Security: Protect your business with Amazon’s fraud protection guarantee with secure checkout.