50 Beauty and Cosmetics Websites on Shopify for Design Inspiration

USD 483,338 m! That’s the revenue the beauty and personal care market is projected to reach in 2020. With the year almost at its tail end and online shopping at its peak owing to the pandemic, cosmetics and beauty brands have taken their digital and e-commerce game a notch higher. 

We looked at hundreds of beauty and cosmetics websites on Shopify to bring a selection of the 50 best websites for design inspiration. Get inspired!

50 Beauty and Cosmetics Websites on Shopify for Design Inspiration

1. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand founded by Kylie Jenner, an American model who starred in the reality series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. 

The website’s homepage features shades of lip color, highlighting new and low stock. The layout is clear and easy to navigate, at the same time, features a range of products.

Beauty and Cosmetics Websites

2. elf Cosmetics 

e.l.f Cosmetics is an American cosmetics brand known for its affordable price range for everything cosmetics, from mineral-based makeup to bath and skin-care products to make up brushes. 

Apart from a wide range of cosmetics collection with customer reviews, the website features make-up tutorial videos and a beauty blog with useful tips.

Beauty and Cosmetics Websites

3. White Rabbit Skincare

White Rabbit Skincare is a UK-based natural, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly cosmetics brand that has its roots in Scotland and offers a handcrafted range of skincare products.

The website has a neat layout with different sections that allow customers to shop by skin type as well as explain how to use their products.

5. Cosmetic Love

A Korean cosmetics brand, Cosmetic Love offers a large selection of products from different brands. It offers skincare, body, hair products for women and men, alongside face packs and cosmetic accessories.

Even though the website might seem filled with products, the product pictures with a consistent theme and editing make it look cohesive. 

6. KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty offers cosmetics for the body, lips, eyes, face as well as makeup tools and kits.

The website with a minimal look in a muted color palette is easy to navigate. It highlights various sections with Kim’s recommendations and lookbooks.

7. Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causemetics is a cosmetics brand with a purpose – it helps women thrive by donating towards causes such as domestic abuse, cancer, and homelessness, among others.

The website’s pink and green pastel color palette makes it look chic and cheerful while the brand’s theme of ‘women’ and ‘cause’ remains consistent. 

8. Colorpop

A California-based brand, Colorpop is made for the environmental and pocket conscious shopper, free of animal testing. It offers makeup, skin, and body care products. 

Synonymous to its name, the website’s pop theme is consistent through the design, photography, and text. 

9. Sephora

Sephora is a French brand that offers personal care and beauty products by 3000 brands along with its private label.

The website keeps it simple and basic by featuring only product photos minus the models and gives detailed information for each product.

10. theBalm Cosmetics

This San Francisco-based cosmetics brand, theBalm Cosmetics, offers eye, lip, and face makeup with a selection of clean products in green packaging. 

The website is simple and neat. The retro packaging of products brings in an element of quirk and fun. 

11. Cake Cosmetics

A Canada-based cosmetics brand, Cake Cosmetics offers 100% vegan and natural products without any animal testing. 

The website’s pink and white color theme has a fresh and playful appeal. The product packaging in the same color scheme and pictures in the same theme make it look cohesive. 

12. Morphe Brushes

The Los Angeles-based cosmetics brand, Morphe Brushes offers cruelty-free makeup and tools by various brands.

The website dons a formal and professional look. Products organized by brands and product type keeps them functional and easy to use.

13. 100% Pure

100% Pure offers personal care products for hair, body, hand, skin, and a range of makeup. The brand’s underlying principles are purity, kindness, compassion, health, sustainability, and charity.

The website blends a simple design with a white and pastel color theme, is clutter-free, and gives products the centerstage they deserve. 

14. Pixi

Pixi, the London-based cosmetics brand was founded over 20 years ago and offers a wide range of makeup, skin, and body care products.

The pastel green color theme gives a pleasant and sophisticated look to the website and the navigation works simply with elaborate drop-down menus to each product section.

15. Jeffree Star Cosmetics

An American cosmetics brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics was founded by the internet personality, Jeffree Star. The brand offers a range of quirky and glamorous makeup products.

The website is an engaging mix of minimal layout and stylish banner images. The product pictures shot at an angle add to its slick style.

16. Badass Beard Care

Badass Beard Care is all about beard care and offers oils, balms, and wax for men. All the products are natural and organic. 

The website’s black and white theme gives it a unique look, while the equal emphasis on products, reviews, and blogs offers an immersive and informative experience.

17. Ulta

Ulta is an American chain of beauty stores, offering cosmetics, fragrances for men and women, beauty tools, and hair products.

The website’s left-side menu bar makes it different from other sites. It allows customers to shop by preference, brand, and special offers making it an immersive experience.

18. Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek not only offers makeup products, but it also gives equal emphasis to makeup techniques and skills and aims to make applying makeup easy and fun.

The website is basic and boxed with divisions and products in boxes. It has a busy character with a wide option for products, tutorials, masterclasses, and a sale section.

19. My Makeup Brush Set

Offering one of the largest collections of makeup brushes, My Makeup Brush Set is a Canadian-based brand that sells products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

The website is simple and has a clear focus on products with sections divided according to collections.

20. LUSH

LUSH is a cosmetics retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom. For more than 20 years, LUSH has been creating fresh handmade cosmetics for customers all over the world. They are championed for their fight against animal testing and creating products that are free of preservatives.

The brand keeps it minimal with a white background and black menu and footer sections. The brand added splashes of color through its bright header and featured sections and product images.

21. CoverFX Skin Care

CoverFX Skin Care is a cosmetics brand that offers clean, vegan, cruelty-free skincare products. Customers can shop by skin type as well as know which products to mix to customize a solution.

The website is simple and convenient with sections to shop by product, skin type, and best sellers. 

22. Althea

The Korean cosmetics brand, Althea, offers all things K-beauty – oils, masks, makeup, and more, by various brands.

The website dons a soothing vibe in shades of pink. Apart from products, it has detailed sections on trends and tips on beauty, all easily navigable. 

23. Sio Beauty

Sio Beauty offers a range of medical-grade silicone skin-enhancing products. The products help get rid of wrinkles, scars, and lines.

The website is content-focused with clear explanations of how the products work for what purpose, supported by relevant before and after visuals.

24. Vitality

Vitality is a brand that was founded by a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who believe in the natural healing of pure, chemical-free essential oils. 

The website is product-focused, simple, and to the point, allowing an easy-going browsing and shopping experience. The photography style remains casual and consistent. 

25. Frank Body

Frank Body offers a range of natural skincare products crafted from coffee – think scrubs, shower kits, masks, and more.

Peppy, young, and light – the website keeps the tone and vibe consistent with a color palette that matches the peach product packaging and content punctuated with slang.

26. Vanity Planet

This skincare and styling brand is synonymous with its name, Vanity Planet, offering all things skin, hair, health, and well-being. 

The website dons a clean look with easily navigable sections for skincare, devices, bestsellers, and loungewear, among others. The peach color palette and organized layout make it a peach of a website!

27. Biogeo

Biogeo is a haircare brand that started from a home kitchen and offers natural, handcrafted shampoos, conditioners, gels, and more for all hair types.

The website has a fresh, urban, and upbeat vibe. The product pictures complemented with pictures of models in the same theme and editing make it look cohesive.

28. Pattern Beauty

Started by actor Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern Beauty offers a range of products that enhance the “curliest, coiliest, and tightest” hair types.

Bold, snazzy, and stylish, the website complements the brand’s product offering with vibrant product and hairstyling images. The bright yellow and black color palette lends it extra boldness.

29. RoseSkinCo

RoseSkinCo was started with the idea to make beauty simple with the help of easy-to-use electric devices – think laser hair removal handset, and facial cleansing and firming massager.

The website is minimal, product-focused, and informative with customer reviews and blogs. The navigation is simple, and the photographs, appealing and pleasing. 

30. Elizabeth Mott

Korean-inspired brand Elizabeth Mott started in New York, is now based out of Hawaii, and offers cruelty-free makeup for its American audience.

The website is busy and gives an immersive browsing experience with detailed product information, customer reviews, and more. It makes the experience exciting with sections dedicated to rewards, beauty tips, and video.

31. Beast

Beast is a men’s beauty brand that offers body, hair, face, wellness, and shaving products – all for men. 

The website is simple, product-focused, and has divided product sections that make navigation and shopping easy. The mostly white site is punctuated with some fun photos, apart from product photos.

32. Beneath Your Mask

Beneath Your Mask offers a line of skin, body, and hair rejuvenation products designed to repair and restore. Keeping the clean theme, the packaging is free of plastic.

The website’s earthy images set the tone for its pure, organic, botanical products for hair and skin. The overall design is simple and elegant.

33. Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is an American brand, popular for the best home fragrance, gifts, body & bath products.

The brand’s on-site experience is bright, filled with fun and lively photographs of the products they sell.

34. Anese

Anese offers skincare products for body parts that other cosmetic brands ignore – bums, breasts, and more. Think creams, masks, scrubs, and oils for the booty and boobs.

The website is minimal, product-focused, and keeps the tone casual. The easy, conversational tone of content complements the vibe of the website.

35. The Detox Market

The Detox Market, a Canada-based brand offers green, organic, clean beauty products and makeup essentials from various brands.

The website is product-focused and maintains consistency in the picture themes and editing, keeping it clean with a white color scheme. The products can be browsed by edit, by category, and by product type.

36. Live Tinted

Browns, nudes, and all shades and tints to match dark skin tones, Live Tinted offers a range of makeup for lips, eyes, and face.

The website keeps the vibe enthusiastic and engaging with images, videos, customer reviews, and happy faces. One thing that remains constant – the gloss!

37. Blue Mercury

Makeup, bath, body, and tools for skincare and wellness, Blue Mercury is a US-based cosmetics brand known for its wide range of luxurious cosmetics.

The website keeps its product focus consistent on all pages with brand search options by alphabet. The functional design allows for featuring its wide range of products without making it look too crowded.

38. Birchbox

Built on the principles of community and curation, Birchbox functions on a membership-based model to offer makeup, hair, and skin products that emphasize simplicity.

The website dons a casual look with candid photos and a bright color palette. The banner image is quickly followed by the subscription options offered. 

39. Curateur

Started by Rachel Zoe, this fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand, Curateur offers curated collections for every new season, on a membership model.

The website has all the important information one may need on the homepage. With a simple and minimal design, the pictures in the same theme and editing keep it consistent, while visitors navigate easily.

40. Kopari Beauty

Kopari Beauty is an ode to coconut. Inspired by this natural, magical ingredient, the brand offers skin, body, and personal care products.

The website blends minimal and basic design with fun and fruity colors giving it a young and peppy look.

41. Pacifica Beauty

Pacifica Beauty offers a range of vegan skincare, haircare, bath, body products, and fragrances inspired by all things natural.

The website is a mix of minimal, basic, and natural colors and a clear division of products for easy navigation. The brand’s ‘For The Planet’ theme is consistent in content and visuals.

42. Tula Skincare

A brand built on the power of probiotics and superfoods, Tula Skincare offers a clean line of skin and eye care products. 

The website is minimal, product-focused and the vibe young and bright in pink and turquoise. The fun layout is peppered with GIFs and colorful product pictures.

43. Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents is a US-based brand that offers makeup brushes, palettes, eyeshadows, concealers, and even brush shampoos, created to ‘empower women’.

Keeping it professional, functional and to the point, the website has clearly defined sections for shopping with easy navigation. Here, the products always take center stage. 

44. Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics offers a range of makeup for lips, face, eyes, and skin for all kinds of looks.

The extremely busy website keeps the focus on products and its affordable price range. Specially highlighted discounts and offers make it hard for shoppers to leave without clicking.

45. Fig + Yarrow

Inspired by all things natural, pure, and potent, Fig + Yarrow offers a range of natural face care products.

Femine, earthy, natural – the website keeps the vibe minimal yet bold with large zoomed-in images. The subtle color palette complements its clean ethos. To describe it in one word – simplicity

46. Boie 

Boie, this US-based oral care brand offers eco-friendly and recyclable toothbrushes as well as body and face scrubbers. The brand gives special emphasis on sustainability and recycling.

The website combines peppy, neat, and minimal in a design that is smart, functional, and easy to shop from. Websites can’t get neater than this! 

47. The Man Company

The Man Company offers a line of premium products for beard, body, face, and hair care, as well as fragrances – all for men!

The website has a busy vibe with multiple shopping options – by product, by concern, by series, by ingredients, and more. Specially highlighted discounts and offers to make shopping enticing. 

48. Plum Goodness

Plum Goodness is a brand based on the ethos of all things clean, natural, and good, offering skin, hair, body care products, and makeup.

Purple, playful, and plum – the website gives equal emphasis to products and their purpose to create cleaner living. As visitors scroll down, a stagnant rewards tab is hard to not click.

49. Beard & Blade

Beard & Blade, an Australian online men’s grooming store offers a range of shaving, beard, hair, and body products. 

The website is simple with divisions based on products as well as brands with drop-down menus. The static search tab sits right on top and comes in handy while browsing any page.

50. HiSmile

HiSmile, the oral cosmetics brand headquartered in Australia offers skin whitening products – a whitening kit, toothpaste, whitening pen, and gels. 

With limited products on its list, the website takes a minimal approach to layout and shares in-depth information about each product.

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