50 Fashion And Apparel Shopify Womens Clothing Stores For Website Design Inspiration

Revenue in the fashion segment is projected to reach US$665,629m in 2020, making it one of the largest industries currently. If you’re starting a new fashion and apparel brand, it’s easy to find inspiration on how to set up your online presence and pick up tips from top fashion and apparel websites on how to design your Shopify store.

We want to make your work easier, by listing 50 fashion and apparel Shopify womens clothing stores designs, highlighting what they do right, and giving you a comprehensive list to browse through before you set up a striking Shopify website design.

50 Fashion and Apparel Shopify Womens clothing Stores For Website Design Inspiration 

1. Gymshark

Gymshark is a fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer & online retailer based in the UK. The company is supported by over three million highly-engaged social media followers and customers in 131 countries. 

The brand makes it easier for shoppers to start browsing, with a 2 item navigation menu and a sleek storefront. They’ve used large header images featuring product images navigating to different parts of the store to keep visitors engaged. 

Gym shark, Shopify womens clothing stores Design Mockup


2. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is a US-based fast fashion retail company. The company operates online and has five brick-and-mortar locations. The company is known to use Instagram to gain earned media for its clothing by interacting with users and generating publicity through a mix of models, celebrities, and other customers.

The brand sticks to its signature black and bold font across the store, displaying product recommendations, and showing category suggestions for easy access. The storefront is filled with information to keep visitors engaged.



3. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a yoga wear & accessories brand that started in 2017. They are focused on making the best yoga clothing in the world explicitly to inspire yogis (and yogis to be) to have more yoga in their life. 

The brand has a minimal look with a white background and crisp sections, reflecting its mindful and calm brand personality. 


5. Gym+Coffee

Gym+Coffee is an Irish-owned, and Irish-designed athleisure clothing company, founded in 2017. They have an active community, focused on “making life richer” with a healthier but fun lifestyle.

The brand follows its black and blue brand colors across its storefront, using its teal blue to highlight important information like with the announcement bar and product labels.

6. Kappa

Kappa is an Italian fashion sportswear brand, selling contemporary lifestyle clothing. It was founded in Turin, Italy, in 1978, by Marco Boglione, and now, the brand is known worldwide for its breathable and comfortable sportswear styles.

Their Shopify website design uses a minimal style, with white background and large image banners to guide shoppers to different collections.

7. MiniRuby

Mini Ruby is a brand that sells fine, contemporary kids’ clothes for girls, boys, and baby, from baby to teen sizes. At Mini Ruby, they aim to provide the latest selection of distinctive outfits to make shopping easy and enjoyable. 

They have a minimal design on their Shopify store, with splashes of color to showcase their fun and vibrant personality. They use simple serif fonts across their site.

8. Shop Vida

Vida is a luxury brand that sells fashion products, from apparel to bags to jewelry. They collaborate with the best designers from around the world to curate a unique catalog.

The brand’s website design is sleek and contemporary, using large fabric prints across their white background to keep it modern and fresh.

9. Rhone

Rhone is an American startup company producing and selling men’s sportswear (activewear). Its product line is intended for high-income, active men between 25 and 50. 

They use a magazine-style font and fill their storefront with product images, keeping the rest of their Shopify store design clean and minimal.

10. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham founded her eponymous fashion label in 2008. It has since become the voice of modern minimalism, celebrated for its versatility, a strong sense of sophistication, and effortless approach to wardrobing women for every part of their lives. 

Their Shopify website design reflects its minimal and sophisticated values. They have a white and minimal website, with large images showcasing the label’s unique styles.

11. Allbirds 

Allbirds is a New Zealand-American company that designs and sells footwear. The brand is a pioneer in sustainable footwear, offering their footwear with eucalyptus tree fiber.

The brand has focused its website on its products, using videos and product detail images to inform new visitors about them and make shopping more appealing.

12. Dressbarn 

Dressbarn opened in 1962 in Connecticut as a brick-and-mortar store. In 2020, the fashion brand launched online on Shopify, selling women’s clothing products and attracting their past loyal customer base.

Dressbarn has maintained an editorial look, with minimal and clean background and with easy access to different categories and their latest deals on their products. 

13. Bombas 

Bombas is a comfort-focused sock and apparel brand with a mission. For every purchase, the brand donates a pair of socks, helping those in need.

Despite being a mission-driven brand, Bombas has a fun and witty personality, with bright colors across the storefront, portraying the designs and styles of the socks that they’ve cataloged.

14. Chubbies 

Chubbies sells radical shorts for your weekend, holding onto their values of providing comfortable, flexible, and aerodynamic products.

The brand holds onto its color theme of white and blue and uses lifestyle photos of their customers using their products on the storefront.

15. Rebecca Minkoff 

Rebecca Minkoff is a global fashion brand that was founded by brother and sister duo Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff in 2005 in New York City. The brand sells luxury women’s designer handbags, designer clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The brand keeps it clean, showcasing two collections that shoppers can shop, including one seasonal or featured collection at the top of the website.

16. Good American 

Good American is a premium apparel label co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, promoting a healthy body ideal, with a full and inclusive size range.

The brand focuses on its products, with product images taking up 90% of the website using a bold and clean font on top. 

17. Knix 

Knix designs wireless bras, period-proof underwear, sports bras, and loungewear, prioritizing comfort for their customers.

The brand has a vivid visual identity, using their bold colors of grey and dark blue and well-shot product images.

18. Paul Valentine 

Paul Valentine focuses on high quality, iconic jewelry that exudes beauty and elegance from the core. Their unique pieces are crafted from the most durable elements and are plated with the finest 18k gold and high caliber rhodium for everlasting beauty.

The brand brings out its delicate and soft personality, using pastel colors and somber images for its website design.

Fashion and Apparel Websites

19. Peter Sheppard 

Peter Sheppard Footwear is a European women’s brand to design and manufacture the best shoes from around the world.

The brand has a minimal style, using black, white, and product images to provide an immersive experience.

Fashion and Apparel Websites20. Muscle Nation 

Muscle Nation is a fitness clothing and supplement brand based in Australia.

The brand has chosen to create an image-centric for their Shopify website design, creating a masonry style across their storefront.

Fashion and Apparel Websites

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21. Missoma 

Missoma leads the way in demi-fine jewelry, offering contemporary statement, delicate and personalized jewelry for the everyday woman.

The brand keeps it clean, with close-up images of their jewelry and embedded videos across their storefront.

22. The Cambridge Satchel Company

As featured in The Telegraph, The Cambridge Satchel Company is a British company that produces satchels and other leather goods.

The brand keeps it fun, with quirky header images and splashes of mint green across the storefront.

23.  Hawkers 

Hawkers is a Spanish brand based in Elche that sells sunglasses using the Internet as its distribution channel.

The brand uses a catalog-style website design, making it easy for shoppers to start browsing through their products.

24. Grace and Lace 

Grace and Lace began in 2011, in the founder’s home. They design artistic styles for everyday women.

Grace and Lace transforms its storefront to reflect the season. For instance, for Christmas, they’ve changed their banners to reflect the Christmas theme and featured products based on the weather and season.

25. Petal and Pup 

Petal and Pup is an Australian brand that is the ultimate online fashion destination for affordable, on-trend, young women’s fashion. 

The brand has an aesthetic style across its website, with stunning shots of models in the brand’s products and a sans serif font to guide visitors. 

26. Jack Rogers 

Jack Rogers is a retail women’s footwear company that was founded in 1960. The brand offers sandals, flats, sneakers, boots, and booties, as well as men’s and kids’ shoes, and accessories.

The brand uses its signature blue across the store and minimal background, focusing on the products.

27. Desmond & Dempsey

Desmond & Dempsey is a UK brand that designs luxury pyjamas, cotton to luxury silk sleepwear with unique prints for women and men. 

They’ve been able to reflect the luxury in their brand through their website with large fonts, cinematic video ads, and editorial styled images.

28. Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis is an American designer fashion clothing brand made for the modern man.

They’ve been able to bring the spirit of the holiday alive, with the signature red and green across the storefront.

29. Steve Madden 

Steve Madden designs and markets shoes and fashion accessories for women, men, and children.

With a minimal storefront design, Steve Madden keeps shoppers hooked onto their products, their features, and their offers.

30. LeSportsac

LeSportsac Inc. is an American handbag, luggage, and travel accessories company. 

The brand has a scrapbook style for their Shopify website design, using pastel blue and product images to make their storefront engaging.

31. Ingrid and Isabel

Isabel and Ingrid is a maternity brand that sells stylish maternity and nursing clothes, designing innovative pregnancy essentials.

With a feminine and soft look on their website, the brand exudes a gentle and nurturing vibe.

32. Pangaia

Pangaia is a materials science company that designs products for living in, different situations, and basic needs.

They have a futuristic store design, sleek, and made for a sustainably-minded consumer. They showcase their luxury products which are designed with unique and bright colors.

33. Russul Boutique

Russul Boutique is the best classic men’s online clothing store in Lagos, Nigeria. They sell affordable Nigerian menswear, from office leather shoes to accessories.

The brand isn’t flashy, they let shoppers immediately navigate to the collection they want to browse, ensuring they don’t waste any time finding the products they want.

34. The Wool Company

The Wool Company sells quality New Zealand made knitwear, lingerie, accessories, and yarn, delivering the world’s finest fibers.

Their brand shows how cozy their products are, through warmly edited photos and a sleek storefront design.

35. Lovely Madness

Lovely Madness is based in Penang, Malaysia, selling boutique clothes and attracting a large customer base of 51.2k followers.

With a minimal design, the brand has set up a great storefront, with user-generated images and simple product images.

36. Mansur Gavriel

Mansur Gavriel was born out of a passion for art and design. Recognizing a need for craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and utility in fashion, the brand started with new iconic and well-designed bags and has now evolved into a modern luxury fashion brand. 

The brand isn’t afraid to have fun with its virtual presence, with bright and delightful banner images and no-nonsense bold fonts.


KHAITE is a women’s ready-to-wear collection that reimagines classic American sportswear for the twenty-first century. The brand evolves with each new season, building upon a foundation of robust yet polished items distinguished by exceptional materials and subtle yet striking details.

The luxury brand has a noir website design, with processed film styles and a novel-style font.

38. Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson was founded by the designer of the same name in 1998. In the past few years, it’s become a go-to label for colorful, bohemian staples. 

The brand has an experimental design, showcasing their prints and products through a collage of banners and sections.

39. Of/Mercer

Of/Mercer makes officewear accessible, creating a clothing line inspired by women who work.

The workwear brand accents its storefront with a white background and peach and dark blue colors, balancing the femininity and modern styles they manufacture.

40. Bailey Nelson

Bailey Nelson delivers fantastic eyewear frames at a reasonable price, backed up by great service.

Their storefront is vibrant, with a minimal and white background as well as a bright green and pink running across the website.

41. 360 Cashmere

360 Cashmere is known for its contemporary beach-inspired cashmere sweaters and accessories, having launched in 2009.

The Shopify fashion and apparel website has a left sticky menubar and keeps it clean with product image banners.

42. Akris

Akris is a Swiss fashion house specializing in luxury goods for women designed by creative director Albert Kriemler.

The luxury brand has an editorial look, providing a unique layout and prioritizing UX.


A Californian inspired and designed swimwear brand, CUPSHE has captured the imagination of women all over the world since our beginning in 2013.

The swimwear brand has a clean design, with product images and a shoppable Instagram feed.

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44. Kookai 

Australian-owned fashion label Kookai is focused on femininity, allure, and independent style. Born in Paris in 1983, Kookai’s collections reflect their French heritage with clothing that’s infused with classic Parisian chic.

The minimal luxury brand uses large and full-screen images to convey the vibe and quality of their products.

45. Mirza Swim

Mirza Swim designs beachwear for the bold and daring dream chasers, selling swimwear, coverups, sunglasses, sandals, metallic tattoos, waterproof bags, eco friendly & cruelty-free skincare & haircare.

The brand sells through its minimal and clean storefront, with banners and sections featuring product images.

46. Bodega

Since 2006, Bodega has been curating the finest selection of footwear, apparel, and accessories for men and women from over 100 brands. 

The brand has a minimal storefront design and uses its signature neon green to highlight buttons and important details like the announcement bar.

47. Chinti & Parker

Chinti & Parker is a luxury womenswear brand, selling cashmere and innovative knit designs made from the highest quality yarn.

The brand uses bright colors and handwritten fonts on their storefront, keeping it fun, especially to reflect the Christmas season.

48. Alighieri

Alighieri is a collection of jewelry inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’; each piece corresponds to one of the poet’s 100 poems. 

The storefront features a masonry layout of product images without any other sections or banners, keeping the shopper focused on these selected pieces.

49. Goop

Goop is a wellness and lifestyle brand and company founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. The brand sells clothing, shoes, beauty, cosmetics, and home curated to provide a healthier lifestyle.

The shop website reflects how the lifestyle blog is designed, with content-heavy sections describing each product and a lot of empty space for easy browsing.

50. Fivestory New York

Fivestory is a boutique brand, embodying both old-world elegance and modern innovation. The flagship curates fashion, accessories, jewelry, and home, offering emerging talent with internationally renowned ready-to-wear designers.

The brand keeps it clean, showcasing the luxury it provides with editorial-style images and a minimal layout.

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