20 Best Premium Shopify Themes for your Shopify Store

It’s possible that a new visitor to your online store hovers around only for eight seconds! Why eight seconds? That’s the attention span we humans have. And it’s declining day by day. 

Now, is your online store impressive enough to engage your customers for a longer time? Is it inviting enough for visitors to browse more products? Is it informative and helpful for the shoppers? Is it fast, easy, and appealing?

As a large number of brick and mortar stores make a move to the world of e-commerce, it is most important for your brand to stand out from the crowd and offer the best online experience. It’s not that hard to achieve. Shopify themes are made for easy use, templatizing the crucial elements that an online store needs to start selling a breeze. 

We pick 20 themes built for different types of stores and their needs. Browse away!

20 Best Premium Shopify Themes for Your Shopify Store

1. Faddism Craze

Faddism Craze has a clean and organized layout that focuses on products. The header and scrolling banner is followed by a neat block layout for displaying products. Among the many best things about this Shopify theme – it’s free.

  • Product-focused simple and clean design
  • Customizable header, footer, pages, fonts, and color
  • Mobile responsive
  • Integrated with social media

This theme is best suited for fashion, clothing, and accessories brands that want a simple, modern, and chic look.

2. Vogue Craze

From design to user experience to layout, Vogue Craze is a Shopify theme that keeps things simple yet immersive. Its features include:

  • Text on images
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and design elements
  • Simple and clean design with large images
  • Customizable content sections

This Shopify theme is free and is ideal for online stores that have a medium-sized inventory and require visual storytelling for products such as fashion, clothing, bags, and more.

3. Camcorder

Camcorder is another free Shopify theme that’s designed with one focus – products. Its contemporary design with customizable features is complemented by its easy usability. The design provides ample space to mention product features – a key to creating an immersive online shopping experience and to converting cold visits into sales.

  • Product-focused design
  • Customizable header, footer, pages, fonts, and color
  • Mobile responsive
  • Integrated with social media
  • Editable Shopify theme layouts

Coming soon, this theme is best suited for electronics, gadgets, and technology products. 

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4. Swiss Quartz

Swiss Quartz – here’s a Shopify theme with a simple and clean layout that lends itself well to multiple products. It features multi-layout and customizable page designs and content sections, as well as has editable fonts and colors to align with various brand needs.

  • Contemporary, simple, clean design
  • Customizable layout and page design
  • Customizable content sections
  • Editable fonts and colors
  • 100% responsive

This Shopify theme is free and is coming soon. It’s best suited for watch or accessories brands that are selling up their presence online.


5. The Specs

The Specs is a Shopify theme designed for online stores with medium to large-size inventories. Its features include:

  • Simple, grid-style layout
  • Large size, bold imagery to enhance product showcase
  • A quick view of product variants on the same page
  • Mobile responsive for an easy shopping experience
  • Allows features to share product in-depth details in the text

This Shopify theme is free and is best suited for online stores that have large inventories, specifically accessories and glasses.

6. Gems Ornament

For those online stores that want a customized e-store experience, Gems Ornament is a perfect match. Its grid-style layout offers ample features for customization:

  • Header, footer, font, and color customization
  • 100% mobile responsive
  • Editable Shopify theme layout depending on the product

This theme is free and is best suited for online stores with large inventories such as jewelry, accessories, clothing, and footwear.

7. Bodysuit

Body Suit is a Shopify theme with a contemporary, minimal look. With large imagery, it is ideal for product-focused brands.

  • Quick search bar for an easy customer experience
  • Zoom-in product feature
  • Retina-ready elements
  • Blog and other sections

This Shopify theme is best suited for product-focused brands that want to offer a visually appealing experience such as accessories, jewelry, clothing, footwear, and more. This is a free theme that will be released soon.

8. Ira

Here’s a Shopify theme for online stores that impresses with visuals – Ira. Its three styles – Active, Sport, and Modern are distinctive and are made for different kinds of brands with distinct personalities. 

  • High-resolution imagery
  • Editorial style layout with large image panels
  • An option of two menus – slide-out sidebar or horizontal 
  • Multiple slideshows with videos
  • Slide-out cart so shoppers don’t have to leave a page

This is a paid Shopify theme and is best suited to contemporary, modern and chic products such as fashion wear, accessories, sports gear, and more.

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9. Broadcast

The Shopify theme Broadcast offers three styles – Clean, Modern, and Bold – each with a contemporary vibe. It is ideal for online stores with lifestyle and fashion products.

  • Lookbook feature
  • Auto-play background videos on the homepage
  • Product quick view in a pop-up
  • Color swatches on the product page
  • Twitter-linked customer testimonial section

This theme is paid for and is best suited to contemporary product-focused online stories that rely on imagery such as fashion, accessories, footwear, gadgets, and more. This is a paid theme.

10. Startup

Startup is a paid Shopify theme that has a modular layout and is ideal for online stores that require a simple, one-page layout. It offers four styles – Home, Tech, Cloth, and Travel – that can be chosen based on the type of products you sell.

  • Optimized for brands with single or limited products
  • Modular-style layout
  • FAQ page
  • Customer testimonial
  • Wide layout to enhance imagery
  • Video on home page

This theme is best suited for brands with minimal products such as wellness, cosmetics, boutique stores, and more. 

11. Grid

Grid has a contemporary vibe to it with a masonry-style theme and warm color scheme. Its collage-style layout allows for featuring multiple products in a creative manner.

  • The menu fixed to the top of the page
  • Featured collection on the home page
  • Show shoppers the availability of product pick-up
  • Customers can buy products without leaving the current page

This Shopify theme is paid for and is best suited to contemporary brands that offer accessories, garments, stationery, and more. This is a paid theme.

12. Blockshop

Blockshop is a Shopify theme that has a bold vibe owing to the grid-style layout of large images. The theme includes four styles with different color palettes to choose from. This theme features:

  • A header slideshow to feature multiple products
  • A video on the homepage
  • Marketing promotional pop-up messages
  • A wide, full-width layout
  • A multi-column dropdown menu

This is a paid theme and is best suited to lifestyle, fashion, accessories, art, and design brands.

13. Motion

Here’s a classic Shopify theme, Motion. One of its key features is its visual focus. Not just high-resolution images, it also features auto-play animations and videos that help enhance the brand’s storytelling.

  • Filter products by tags
  • Product details in a pop-up
  • Show shoppers availability of product pick-up location
  • Customization content sections on home page

This theme is best suited for brands that rely heavily on visuals, such as fashion, accessories, art, and interiors. This Shopify theme is paid.

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14. Context

Context is a Shopify theme that includes three styles – Chic, Modern, and Essential – designed for a range of catalog sizes. This theme has various features that allow visual storytelling of products with the help of high-resolution imagery.

  • Product filtering by brand, type, color, or size
  • Display live search results
  • Multi-column drop-down menu

This theme is most suitable for brands with a range of catalog sizes that require visual storytelling such as clothing, accessories, or interior decor.

15. Colors

Colors is a product-focused Shopify theme that has various features for visual storytelling. This theme features three styles – Generic, Flour, and Pastel based on color schemes. 

  • Grid-style layout
  • Feature single product in dedicated slides
  • Showcase recommended products
  • Product quick view in a pop-up
  • High-resolution product images

This theme is best suited for brands that are product-focused and rely on visual storytelling. This is a paid theme.

16. Expression

Expression is a Shopify Theme that is designed for promotion-focused brands with large inventories. It offers four distinctive styles – Naturale, Oxford, Ocean, and Innovate – that brands can choose from.

  • Slideshow to showcase multiple products
  • Multi-level drop-down menu for easy navigation
  • Grid-style layout
  • Sidebar with features for blog, images, adverts, and more
  • Video on the homepage
  • Display different product images when customers move the cursor on a product

This theme is ideal for online stores with large inventories such as clothing, accessories, gifting, and more.

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17. Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker is a Shopify theme designed to showcase multiple featured collections. Its four styles – Wardrobe, Sunset, Apothecary, and Desk are distinct and visually appealing. This theme features:

  • Product zoom when customers mover cursor over a product image
  • Marketing pop-up to share promotional messages
  • Collection-specific details in a sidebar on the collection page
  • Allows product filtering by color, size, or print

Most suitable for brands that have medium-sized catalogs, wellness, lifestyle, or brand with niche markets. This is a paid theme.

18. Pacific

For brands with a large product/service inventory, the Pacific Shopify theme might fit well. Its four styles – Bold, Warm, Bright, and Cool, lend well to different kinds of products. This paid theme features:

  • A large, multi-level sidebar menu
  • A large, multi-column drop-down menu
  • Large, high-resolution images at the top of the home page
  • Features to share promotions, FAQs, and blogs on the home page
  • Additional product information under a dedicated product page

This theme is best suited for brands that have a large inventory such as clothing, accessories, and consumer products.

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19. Label

Label is a Shopify theme designed for those who want to showcase a single event, product, or service. The minimal and classic design includes three styles – Record, Publish, and Create that can be used according to the brand’s product offering.

  • Features date and events section
  • Single product feature on home page
  • Full-width imagery
  • A slide-out sidebar menu throughout the store

Most suited to events, musicians, creative professionals, and those brands that have a small number of products or a single product or event. This is a paid theme.

20. Cascade

Cascade is a Shopify theme design that takes a narrative approach to sharing product information. It allows brands to group together different types of content and to share features by assembling similar content in product descriptions. This paid theme features:

  • Customizable content sections
  • High-resolution product images
  • Multi-column drop-down menu
  • Masonry-style grid to showcase products
  • Color schemes to highlight key content
  • Built-in styles and color palettes

This Shopify theme is best suited for lifestyle products and accessories. 

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