Features of a high quality NGO website.

NGOs around the world have embraced technology to great lengths. Many of the best performing NGOs have employed a great information technology team to ensure that their systems are well monitored. A good website is a must have if you want any NGO to perform well. Some of the features that any NGO should consider having inn their website are:

Donate button: Since NGOs make money from donations, it is important to have a good donate sign. This sign should be placed I every page. It should direct people to the page where they are supposed to make a donation.

Easy navigation :The website should not be complex in nature. The way it is built should ensure faster navigation. This should be simple to allow anybody to reach to important pages fast

Social media integration: Social media buttons which are working are a must have in a good NGO website. This is because spreading the word or message about a website is easily done using social media

Analytics: For the web master, it is important for an analytics code to be put in every page. This will be an important key performance indicator (KPI) in getting data about the number of visitors who visited the website. Details to check mostly should be: devise used in visiting the website, location, demographic and time spent in the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A website for an NGO should be well optimized for the search engines. This should be done by inputting relevant values in the head, body and title sections of the website.
With all these, I know you are wondering about the price. A good designer should charge a reasonable amount of money to the NGO.

For instance, our company charges only $350 for a basic website for NGO.