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Responsive Website Design.

Every month we are seeing more and more devices being used to access the internet. Its not just desktops and laptop computers any more. There has been a massive growth of usage off Smartphones such as the android, iPhone and the Windows phones. Tablets like the Ipad and Samsung tablet are also playing a key role.

Imagine you are late to dinner at a restaurant and you need their phone number.  When you visit their website on your smart phone, isn’t it great when you actually see that your website adapts to your device. You don’t need to pinch and zoom  your way around the web page, the navigation is easier to use and their phone number is easier to find. Well, this is great user experience and shows that the restaurant cares about their customers. Every business can learn from this.

The problem

So what does this mean for your website?  Well, you need to make sure that your website is easily viewable on these new devices. Users don’t want to always pinch and zoom around to view content. Here lies the problem where its not optimized for their device.

The Solution

Did you know that there was a solution to the problem which cost you your dream dress? Actually, the solution is pretty simple. The problem can be solved using one technique: Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Before I explain what RWD is, allow me to explain the fundamentals. Every month, we are seeing technology companies such as Apple, Samsung and Nokia launch various devices. These devices comes with  different screen sizes and resolutions.Computer manufacturing companies are also introducing new devices on a very frequent rate.

This means that, websites must designed in such a way that they are able to be viewed comfortably with all these devices.

Wait  a minute, Is my website responsive?

The truth of the matter is it is difficult to tell if a website is responsive by just looking at it in a laptop. Follow this procedure to check if your website is responsive or if it needs to be redesigned.

– Open your web browser

– Enter our website’s URL and press enter

– Once the website has loaded, press restore down

– Then try to minimize the website by pushing one side towards the other side

That’s all, if you are able to see all the content of your website, rest assured that its responsive. If not, please consider creating a responsive website design

Benefits of a Responsive Web Design –


It will be easier and cheaper to run one responsive website than to run two separate desktop and mobile websites.

Search engines

Google, Bing and all other major search engines have all commended and endorsed responsive websites which means that your sites will rank better.


Your site will attract more visitors. Keep in mind that increase in visitors equals t more sales.


Responsive design is new so you have a very good chance t stay ahead of your competitors.

Future proof

Its much more adaptive to new devices which means that even if millions screen sizes are deviced, your website will always be ahead.

Mobile strategy

There has never been a better time to look at your mobile web structure. Companies that won’t do this will be left behind.

So embrace the web, embrace responsive web design