How To Grow Your Shopify Store – 5 Best E-Commerce Tips in 2022

The year is 2022, and having an E-store seems a necessity for your business, and e-business on Shopify may just do wonders for you.

Though multi-channel selling is highly beneficial, the ever-increasing use of mobile phones will certainly flock more users to time-savvy e-shopping in the years to come. In response, having a strong strategy to market your products on Shopify will always keep you on the edge since Shopify has a friendly user interface with Free Shopify themes that help you develop interactive web pages and position your brand in a powerful manner.

Shopify E-Store Success – An Overview

You may want to grow your Shopify store and increase your online sales since it attracts hundreds of thousands of customers. However, boosting sales on Shopify is challenging as it has more than one million online stores that are offering an extensive variety of products. So, competition is stiff and you may risk getting outplayed by your opponents if you do not make changes to your Shopify sales strategy. To help you make timely changes that are necessary for growing your Shopify store and increasing sales, we’ll look at the 5 most helpful e-commerce tips 2022 for Shopify E-store Success.

1. Attract Your Customers with the ‘Buy Now Pay Later Feature

The Point of Sale Credit has reported having increased customer conversions for hundreds of online brands. Customers who cross the checkout point online have found the ‘Buy Now Pay Later option really helpful as it allows them to buy whatever they want and pay at their convenience with a minimal charge of interest.

In a survey, 40% of online shoppers reported being more attracted to the ‘Buy Now Pay Later feature. According to them, it gives them the freedom to shop whenever they want and pay as it suits their pockets.

buy now pay later

Providing convenience in payment options has always won the hearts of many and attracted them to buy again and again. Giving the option of paying in easy installments with small interests to your customers may just boost up your sales instantly and help grow your Shopify store.

So, if you’re looking to grow your Shopify sales, you may just want to catch the eye of your customers by including the ‘Buy Now Pay Later option on your Checkout point.

2. Add Personalization touch to your Service

You already know that when you call a person by their name, they are likely to pay attention to you. Similarly, addressing your customers with their names on important online shopping occasions like welcome backs on logins, promotional offers, emails, birthday wishes, and social media is likely to draw positive attention to your brand.

In a survey of 1000 online shoppers, more than 90% appreciated the idea of brands addressing customers with their names. Personalization is the key to e-commerce success in 2022 and in the years to come. Making endeavors to provide a personalized shopping experience seems worthwhile.

So, with personalization, you not only catch attention, but you also increase the chances for customer loyalty. Also, with chatbots becoming the standard for support services, your e-store needs a personalization touch more than ever.

In addition to personalizing the shopping experience for your clients, you ought to make your customers feel special.

Online buying involves little interaction with the customer, so you need to cash in every opportunity to connect with your customers. You may want to make them feel special as you address them.

You can try sending a hand-written note for package delivery or investing more in the packaging material. Colorful, eye-catchy packaging with a detachable ribbon along with the buyer’s name might just make your buyer come again and again.

Your marketing has to be more specific. This is where we discuss targeted email marketing. Instead of tapping a broad audience, you may want to hit the target more efficiently. Target your prospects by knowing their interests and buying patterns.

Send emails of promotions that appeal to them. An email that pops up telling of a promotional offer on trendy shoe wear, may just become a feast for the recipient’s eyes. So, investing in targeting email marketing may just bear fruition for your marketing efforts and grow your Shopify store within no time.


  • Add a personalization touch to your customer’s online buying experience
  • Invest in packaging materials and send hand-written notes to your loyal customers
  • Be specific with your marketing and use targeted emails to tap the most interesting pool of prospects. (You will be able to yield efficient results)

3. Invest in Customer Loyalty Programs

Tapping new prospects is key to online marketing success. However, you may want to invest more in your existing clients.

In a survey of e-store sales, most of them reported 60% of their sales coming from existing customers. Also, investing in your regular, and loyal customers is less costly than acquiring new ones. What’s more interesting is with an increase of 5% in customer retention, a business has the potential to grow its profitability by at least 50%. Not only this, experts are of the view that 80% of business sales come from 20% of the most loyal customers.

So, here’s what you can do. Loyalty programs are an amazing technique to increase customer retention as it makes your brand appear more trustworthy among your customers.

Initiating reward programs or setting up tiers for loyal customers and providing grants of discounts and promotional offers, gifts, and make your customer feel special. As a result, they gain more trust in your service and happily make more purchases, promising a long enduring relationship with your business.

4. Build Authenticity by Integrating Social Channels

In an online shopping survey, more than 77% of shoppers reported that they read at least 10 reviews before they made up their minds about making an online purchase. Reading reviews on social media is an everyday practice of online shoppers. Brands are now integrating their social channels with their online stores more than ever. Your presence on social networking channels assures the customer of your brand’s authenticity.

Social presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram serves as social proof for your brand. Plus, integrating social channels with the business also seems favorable if you are a brand well-positioned to offer green, environment-friendly products.

It has also been found that more than 90% of shoppers aged between 18-34 make purchases after getting recommended by family and friends. Hence, you could leverage social media channels to your advantage. By connecting on social media with your customers, you build authenticity for your brand on Shopify. Plus, as there is more audience to tap, investing in social media to increase your online sales is one of the best e-commerce tips 2022.

5. Include a Good Range of Products

Amazon is the biggest online platform with millions of products. But, how did it get there?

Remember, Amazon was the first to include books in an e-commerce store. It challenged the brick-and-mortar model of bookshops and succeeded. What made Amazon’s marketing strategy remarkable is its inclusion of a range of products on its platform.

Amazon included those books that were not kept by most booksellers because of low demand. You may want to provide variety to your customers so that you develop a strong brand image in their minds.

good range of products

It’s also helpful to include complementary products in your product line. You may want to explore your product line and consider including items that are related to your service. If you’re a women’s fashion brand, you may be able to do better by including fashion or makeup accessories.

Similarly, if your niche is kid’s fashion, you can also include baby clothing essentials in your range. Fashion brands that started primarily selling watches, now also sell sunglasses to attract diverse customers. Also, you may want to include a range of products to increase your organic reach and attract a pool of profitable prospects. So, include more products in your store. That’s how you tap more customers and grow your Shopify store.


In conclusion, increasing Shopify sales in 2022 may seem challenging against hundreds of thousands of emerging brands competing in popular niches. However, if you’re planning to grow as a Shopify seller, you need to be disruptive with your selling strategy. Provide convenience in payment to your customers. In addition, you may also want to personalize the shopping experience and be more specific when you target buyers with emails.

Ricky Hayes is the Co-Founder and Head of Marketing at Debutify – a free Shopify theme, helping drop shippers build high-converting stores in minutes. He is a passionate entrepreneur running multiple businesses, marketing agencies, and mentoring programs.

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