Advanced Sales Strategies to Increase your Shopify Store Conversion Rate

Advanced Sales Strategies to Increase your Shopify Store Conversion Rate

As a growing Shopify store, you need to be constantly testing top strategies and refining your tactics to increase revenue. With increasing competition and demand, it’s important to keep up with emerging eCommerce tactics and stay visible as an online brand to successfully increase your Shopify store conversion rate.

But, what powerful sales strategies do you need to adopt to increase your Shopify store conversion rates and boost your revenue? We’ve listed 8 powerful sales strategies to help you increase Shopify sales and grow your online store.

Advanced Shopify Store Conversion Strategies

1. Display personalized recommendation for increased engagement

With a whopping 35% of Amazon’s revenue coming from recommendations, it’s safe to say that Shopify stores must adopt personalized recommendations within their sales strategy. By placing relevant recommendations on different parts of your Shopify store, you can successfully decrease drop-offs and increase purchases.

Store visitors would be browsing your storefront to understand more about your brand and come across your top products or new arrivals, This would give them better insights into who you are and what your products are like.

Personalized recommendations also help you to keep shoppers on your Shopify store for long. When a shopper is browsing through products, they may scroll to the end of a product page. Without recommendations, they would have nothing leading them to different parts of the store and they would end up leaving the store altogether.

However, with relevant recommendations like ‘Recently Viewed Products’ or ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ on your product pages, you can lead shoppers to view other products on your Shopify store and successfully keep them on your Shopify store.

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You can set up AI-powered personalized recommendations using Wiser. The Shopify app allows you to enable recommendations on different parts of your store and integrates with top apps to enhance the recommendations with credibility and to display them within cart drawers and emails, or even along with product reviews!

Install Wiser to display recommendations on your Shopify store to increase engagement and revenue.

2. Increase AOV by upselling items once shoppers add to their cart

Once a shopper adds an item to their cart, it signals that they are interested in what you are offering. Due to this interest, you would have an easier time selling to these shoppers. You can upsell to these interested shoppers by suggesting products that are an upgrade to the item already in their cart or even cross-sell and suggest that they add other products that pair well with the item.

Upselling allows you to persuade a shopper to buy an item that is similar to what they showed interest in but is more expensive. This sales strategy helps you successfully increase your order value.

You can set up upsell tactics with Upsellio, a Shopify app that lets you set up relevant upsell offers, along with cross-selling and BOGO. These upsell offers can be shown as popups on different pages to upsell your products and maximize your conversions.

upsellio - increase conversion rate

3. Simplify search experiences with search filters

Make your Shopify store’s search experience as easy as Amazon! Shoppers want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly, using filters to narrow down their search. You can provide an easier search experience by auto-suggesting keywords as shoppers type and showing filters on the search results page that shoppers can use to refine their search.

Apps like Searchanise are made to help merchants provide a more powerful search experience to their shoppers. Using the app, you can set up multiple search filters, from product type to color, to reviews.

This way, shoppers who are specific about ratings can filter down to only the top-rated products. Or, if a shopper is looking for only ‘white’ products, they can select this filter and see only products of that color.

increase conversion rate strategy

4. Allow visual shopping with lookbooks

With so many online stores, it’s crucial to stand out and provide a unique and memorable experience to online consumers that would make them want to choose your store again.

For as long as we can remember, magazines have featured fun and immersive lookbooks of different ways products can be styled or used, along with a product description so that shoppers can easily buy the items. You can add such a lookbook to your Shopify store! Using the Lookbook app, you can add a shoppable gallery that shoppers can spend time browsing.

With a visually driven experience of your store, shoppers would be able to view products, see how they are used, and even buy these products directly from the lookbook! These lookbook galleries can be customized to match your store’s look and feel and be displayed in different layouts, as per your preference.

5. Enable a shoppable Instagram feed for a unique experience

Embedding your Instagram feed to your storefront is easy with apps like InstaPics. By embedding your feed to your Shopify store, you can show your credibility as a brand and let shoppers know more about your brand personality through your social profile.

However, you can easily elevate the experience of your Instagram feed with just 1 powerful feature— make it shoppable! Cameo is a Shopify app that lets you transform your embedded Instagram feed so that shoppers can view the images and see the featured products. This way, they can add an item directly to their cart through your embedded Instagram feed.

Such a feature allows you to share user-generated content on your Instagram profile and then tap into this authentic content to let consumers buy from them. Read more about user-generated content and why it works.

instapics instagram feed

6. Build credibility with photo reviews

Reviews on your product pages can help you successfully yield more purchases. In fact, 77% of customers read product reviews before making a purchase. If you haven’t already started collecting and displaying reviews on your Shopify store, it’s not late to get started.

You can collect and display reviews on your Shopify store using the Photo Reviews & Testimonials app. The app’s robust functionalities can help you with multiple requirements:

  • Send review requests to existing customers and collect reviews of your products
  • Display reviews on your product pages and set up a review section that matches your store design
  • Collect photo reviews that can help new visitors understand how your products look in real
  • Use photos shared by reviewers as UGC across social media and even within your lookbook
  • Add testimonials shared by customers on your storefront to build credibility

The app lets you build your online store’s credibility and ensure that new store visitors can easily and quickly trust your brand.

reviews and testimonials conversion rate

7. Optimize post-purchase experience

Once a customer has made a purchase, they are shown a thank you page. Many Shopify stores leave this page empty— only showing an order confirmation message here. However, the thank you page is a goldmine of opportunity and when used right, you can engage the customer better, build a relationship, and even get them to buy more!

You can use ReConvert to customize your thank you page. The Shopify app lets you add order tracking, collect birthdays, and even upsell and cross-sell to these customers, building an experience that is unique to your brand.

Since thank you pages as the last touchpoint that a shopper has once they’ve successfully converted, you need to customize this page to make the shopper want to come back later and shop again.

8. Provide a unique customer account page

When set up right, customer account pages allow shoppers to interact with the store better. Many brands customize their customer account page so that their shoppers can easily access their wishlists, reorder past purchases directly, earn and view rewards, and see products they viewed in the past. As a result, shoppers engage with the brand better, increasing repeat purchases, and building loyalty.

This personalized experience can easily be replicated on your Shopify store! You can use Flits to customize your customer account page and add these different features to your Shopify store’s customer account pages.

The app also lets you customize the look and feel of your customer account so that it matches your branding and the rest of your Shopify store design.

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Increase your Shopify Store Conversion Rate

We hope this helped you understand the different ways you can enhance your sales strategy on your Shopify store by setting up advanced strategies that have proven to work. Top eCommerce brands like Amazon and H&M are already using strategies like recommendations to continue engaging with shoppers and boost their profits.

Wiser is a Shopify product recommendation engine that lets merchants set up powerful recommendations just like Amazon. Using the app, you can display personalized recommendations at the right parts of your Shopify store to increase sales.

Install Wiser to display recommendations on your Shopify store to increase engagement and revenue.