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Shopify theme features made to enhance your fashion sunglasses and eyeglasses brand!

Simple and clean store design

The Shopify sunglasses theme is built keeping in mind consumer trends. The minimal store design makes it easy for shoppers to find the right pair of glasses and compare different products.

Customizable content sections and theme layouts

The premium Shopify theme is easy to edit, with customizable content sections. As one of the best Shopify themes, The Specs lets you change how your site looks through the drag-and-drop theme builder. It gives you the flexibility you need to customize your layout and add different content according to your needs.

Editable fonts and colors

Your visual identity is crucial for your Shopify sunglasses store. This Shopify free theme lets you edit the fonts and colors, allowing you to set up a well-branded Shopify store and delivering a positive experience to your shoppers.

Quick view of product variants

Simplify how shoppers look at different products without making them open a product page every time.

Get a quick view of each product and navigate between different variants with a “Quick view” feature.

100% mobile responsive

With a large percentage of your shoppers buying from mobile, it’s crucial to cater to them.

Set up a 100% responsive theme for your fashion sunglasses and eyeglasses brand using this free Shopify theme.

Fully integrated with social media

This premium Shopify theme is made for modern selling. It integrates with your social media profiles, letting you display your social media feeds, keeping you visible on social, and engaging your shoppers effortlessly.

Need Help For The Specs Theme?

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