About Voss Law Firm

The Voss Law Firm, P.C. is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. The firm focuses on helping the policyholders throughout the world. Attorney Bill Voss focus on helping the business proprietors and individuals to recover their property insurance claims.

Context and Challenge

The Voss Law Firm wanted to design the website from the surface. Being an informative site the main challenge was to create a website that could deliver the whole piece of information to the visitors with easy customization and layout.

The problem

When the Voss Law Firm came to us, they felt that their website need to be unique and understandable for the visitors. They wanted the website to reflect the subject in a real way regarding insurance claims and attorneys with a good representation of facts and figures.


  • To create a successful website design with a good user experience.
  • To create an online presence by improving the site architecture.
  • To implement a mobile responsive and informative website.

Our Strategy

After analyzing the requirements, we discussed the possible changes and strategies with the client and finalized the technology and customizations for the website. Our team provided a fully responsive solution with catchy design and bespoke development for the Voss Law Firm.


We customized the website and made the modifications in text, logo and the widgets. It was made sure to come up with a design which can easily beat the competitor. We delivered an impressive website design with a content platform (blog) and most importantly an easy support system.

Website Characteristics


A hidden navigation menu was used with a sticky anchor for every menu per page. The navigation made it easier to assort the website content with a standard look.

User Experience

We made a perfect digital representation of various insurance claims for the Voss Law Firm. Use of highly functional design and graphics made the website more appealing to the visitors.

Responsive Design

Responsive design with the use of latest technology made the website more flexible. The landing pages were optimized across all devices whether mobile, tablet or desktop. The compatible design leads to an increase in website traffic.


After deploying the Voss Law Firm website, we saw a great increase in the site performance across the marketing channels:


Increase In Sessions


Increase In Goal Conversions


Increase In New Users


Repeat Users