About The Brand

The Vanity Box is a luxurious hair brand which create a perfect customer service and compelling shopping experience by offering the best hair extensions. It has become one of the fastest growing brands in the urban hair and beauty space. The Vanity Box have retail outlets in U.S with a massive following of famous celebrities.

The Vanity Box customers also receive special discounts, personalized promotional material and firsthand access to newly released products. They provide the clients with tailored experience and strive to carry on this throughout.

Context and Challenge

Being a hair wig brand a smooth and attracting user experience was necessary to maintain. We realised that the website has to be more creative and must have a perfect representation of the product with high quality images and design. The design was made using the best colour palette, animations and a standard navigation that can engage the visitor on the website for a long time.

The problem

The Vanity Box was a luxury hair store which required a brand recognition and awareness for business success. Online presence was a great challenge for them to reach the audience at large, thus a clear understanding of goals was necessary to foster worldwide sales.


  • To create a successful shopify store design with a good user experience.
  • To create brand value and online reach through brand story.
  • Improve overall site architecture and navigation.
  • To implement a fully responsive solution and a highly usable, searchable and browse-able product catalogue.
  • To grow social engagement and increase the referral traffic for website.

Our Strategy

We analyzed the expectations and the requirements of The Vanity Box from us and built a framework to develop and deliver the best. A complete study was done on the ecommerce store and all the important elements were separated to design a high quality website with a responsive interface and layout.

The Vanity Box was a shopify store and thus the following features were essential for the website:

  • Custom Shopify design
  • Multiple Payment Gateways (Shopify payments, Paypal , Manual Payments, Credit cards)
  • Social Media Integration (Instagram & Twitter)
  • Mobile Compatible CSS


Planning and managing the task being binded in the team made it easier to make the The Vanity Box happen successfully. We decided to give the brand a digital life by exploring the role it would play in the business market.

We initiated for the best wireframe and added animation transitions on the homepage to increase the attractiveness of website. The sticky header designed for The Vanity Box contracts and expands back when a visitor scroll the page up and down. We decided to make the banner more beautiful and stunning. The captions and custom styling were applied to enhance the look of website in a more better way.

Website Characteristics

Modern Design & E-commerce

The Vanity Box is exclusively modern and it delivers a clear understanding about the brand. The ecommerce showcase the products, and manage the orders and payments for a smooth conduct of business online.

Multi-Currency Support

The website is integrated with a multi-currency support system which allows the customers to purchase the products easily in their own currency. The customers can choose their own currency amongst the given currencies in the dropbox on the at the right corner near the cart.

Quick View

When you hover on the hair extension or wig images you may find a small quick view pop up which allows you to add the product to shopping cart by selecting the quantity, price, hair type and the package type.

Store Locator

A multi location map is being embedded in the website which help you to search The Vanity Box store near by you. It provides you with the address, contact details and working hours. The map show you the directions for the store from your current location.

Product Wishlist

The “wishlist” feature allows to keep the item in choice for future purchase. It saves the time to search for the product next time and increases the chances of purchase.

Product Offers

The product offers are displayed separately on the top of the web page above the navigation menu. This creates a special appeal to shop amongst the customers.

User Experience (UX)

The User Experience for the website was designed keeping in mind the female shoppers majorly.The graphics and the layout were used efficiently to make the browsing more easy for the customers. The UX for The Vanity Box drives a satisfaction level amongst the users by the website performance and vision.

Responsive Design

The web pages can render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. The design and the performance of the website is accurate across all the devices with a ensured usability and satisfaction. The responsive design majorly boost the ratings of the website.


The expertise of our development team lead to the following outcomes for website:


Monthly Unique Visitors


Repeat Customer Rate


Increase In Average Order Value


Increase In Online Store Conversion Rate


Increase In Annual Revenue From Online Store