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About Valstech

Valstech built the first underwater housing for National Geographic. It created the first underwater dome port lenses with the expertise of main mechanical designer Manuel Aranda. Lenzo provides the smartest iPhone protection with the positive safe lock mechanism and ergonomic design. The features of removable dome port lenses, camera start/stop, sleep/wake push button and secure seal latch make Lenzo the most desired and professional underwater housing.

The Problem

Valstech provided the professional user experience with Lenzo underwater housing and accessories. But, it's internet marketing was letting it down. As 80% of all search engine users never look past Page 1 of Google's results. Being stuck on lower search pages, Valstech was losing out on 100s of potential customers every day.

We were tasked with rectifying the situation and within a month we had positioned prominently for "Lenzo iPhone case " on Google's first page.


The main objective of Valstech was to drive traffic to there website by improving the website search ranking. As the target audience were the professionals who love underwater photographies and adventure without sacrificing the iPhone control. We selected the keywords which made these people visit with keyword optimization and link building strategies.

The Strategy

By analyzing the website we framed a sound SEO agenda that aims to bring more visitors to Our first step was to analyze the potential competitors and the new trends in the industry.

On-Page SEO

Optimizing website is essential to maximize organic traffic from search engines. Thus, we drew a plan of recommendations which included evaluation of on-page elements including 404 redirects, optimization of title and meta descriptions, enhancement of alt tags and heading tags and the improvement of website speed are all actions undertaken for search engine ranking of Valstech.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO stands as the essential element to make a campaign successful. It involves acquiring high-quality "backlinks". We create quality backlinks as backlinks play a major role in website ranking and reputation. The backlinks are created through manual submission to top search engines, directory submission, social bookmarking, blog and article submission, forum posting, classified submissions and business listing to drive location-based results.


The site did not have good organic search engine rankings for the top keywords and very few of their targeted keywords were ranking in the top 50 of the major search engines when the campaign began.

When we took over the website’s SEO the site attracted the following positive outcomes:









Google Analytics

Google Search

Google Search specifies the search behavior which runs on the priority rank. We focused on the strong and long tail keywords to get the highest ranking for Valstech in the search results, quality backlinks made with the help of content submissions, search engine submissions and proper On-Page SEO made it easier to rank fast in top 2 searches for the keywords.

Keyword Research

Popular phrases and words which people used to search were figured out, with a deep analysis of website and the products offered. To get the right kind of visitors from the organic search results, selection of product relevant keywords was done. Keywords with high monthly searches were selected to generate more traffic.