“Expert Village Media team provided detailed advice about how SEO works and also showed measurable growth SEO brought to our company.”

About Repisodic

Repisodic enables the personalized post-acute care to the hospitals and their patients. The acute service provides the care to patients discharging from hospitals for a better recovery.

Looking for skilled nursing facility based on specific needs of location and facilities was made an easier work by Repisodic. It’s a platform where anyone can search, review, check insurance coverage and compare the facilities.

The Problem

Repisodic is a giant business platform which has over 27,000 profiles of nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies. Hence, improving the search engine rankings for such a huge business platform was not that easy, it required efficient and effective working.


The website did not have any organic search engine rankings for the home health care agencies based on their locations. There was a full list of location-based health agencies where each location had a separate web page for itself. Apart from optimizing the home page, the major task was to optimize these pages which were quite challenging for us.

The Strategy

After having several conversations with our the client, we decided to deliver our best in the given budget and goals. The overall plan of SEO strategies was executed including both the On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Keyword research was performed as per the location specific requirements, made by the client for it's headquartered state Philadelphia.

On-Page SEO

The first step of optimization for Repisodic was to get all the pages indexed by the search engine spiders, especially for the state pages. We fixed the architectural problems which in the website’s internal pages. The meta tags, images, heading tags were optimized and the page size and load time for the website were reduced for a good user experience. There were some dead links on the website which were removed for the better performance of the website.

Off-Page SEO

Repisodic was a campaign for which link building was done with a unique content on the high-quality backlinks. After submitting the website to the search engines, we initiated the guest blogging links as per the target location. Each keyword was long tail including the states where service was offered. The business listing, classified submissions, press release and social bookmarking was also done to rank higher and faster.


After we took over the SEO campaign for Repisodic the search engine rankings for website took a jump with an increase in the conversion rates, have look at the figures below:









Google Analytics

Google Search

The google search for Repisodic was improved after we initiated the well-planned campaign. The website appeared in the top pages after the link building process and optimizing the On-Page SEO. There were 3 keywords amongst the 5 which ranked on the top page of google search.

Keyword Research

Keyword analysis for Repisodic was done as per target location, their industry and, based on competitor analysis. Our SEO team decided to target the most highly-searched keywords, in addition, to create a full-scale geo-targeted campaign.