About The Organization

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is an online fashion place located in Miami, FL. They provide the retailers with the fastest and easy to use global e-commerce platforms. Magnolia has a goal to make every woman feel beautiful no matter their shape and size and so it offers 24/7 access to its buyers to shop the latest trends at best prices.

Context and Challenge

Being a wholesale business platform Magnolia required improvements and functional changes in the website for better performance. There was a lot of work to do and thus, it became a great opportunity and challenge for us to provide them with satisfactory results.

The problem

The previous website of the Magnolia Wholesale was having some issues like the high load time, less responsiveness and low traffic which was leading to negligible ROI. The client wanted EVM to redesign the website from the start to represent its business in a clear and better way, resolving all these issues.


  • To decrease the load time by minifying the images, customizing Javascript and CSS.
  • To provide the best quality of work and retain Magnolia Wholesale for future opportunities.
  • To implement a responsive solution and use simple but effective themes.
  • To create a custom theme design and add the slideshows.

Our Strategy

After communicating with the client about the website design, we did a detailed analysis to understand the actual problem and find a creative solution to it. Our team at Expert Village Media tried to focus on creating intuitive user-journeys and navigation points. We ensured that the website will definitely bring a lot of success to their business.

The crucial features included in by Expert team in Magnolia website are:

  • Image Slideshow
  • Custom theme design
  • Parallax
  • Mobile Compatible CSS


A wholesale website is a big investment, thus we tried to make our client aware of additional features which we can offer them to maximize their business and sales. Our approach for Magnolia was same, we implemented special strategies to make the website responsive.

The website was built modularly for wholesale business and thus it was must to ensure that the website gets loaded and works effectively on all devices. The images were the main content on the website that displayed the products and there was a crucial need to decrease the load time. The website we designed not only helped the client showcase his work in the best way, but also helped him drive more traffic to the website.Thus, the client was happier and satisfied with the final design of the website.

Website Characteristics

New User Approval

A new user has to register for access to the site and see the prices of the products. The user is shown a message to wait for approval. Admin is notified of new user sign up via email. Admin approve or deny new user. If approved, the email includes the login credentials.

Highly Customizable

The common features of translation options, dropped basket emails and more bespoke design to meet the customer’s needs.


The “wishlist” feature allows the customer to store the item they wish to buy for future purchase. It saves there time whenever they visit the website next time.

Mobile Friendly

The website is built to be mobile friendly in any way you choose. The responsive design and user interface ensure that the site meets customer needs to ensure good conversion rates.

Order Customization

The website includes a static code for the products to customize the order quantity according to different size variants compiled together in a pack for the retailers.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The multiple payment gateways set up on the website make it helpful to expand the business internationally. The payment gateways set up in Magnolia are Apple Pay, PayPal, VISA, American Express, JCB Credit, Discover, and Mastercard.


The efforts of our team made it possible for the Magnolia Wholesale to generate the following outcomes:


Monthly Unique Visitors


Repeat Customer Rate


Increase In Average Order Value


Increase In Online Store Conversion Rate


Increase In Annual Revenue From Online Store