"It’s rare to find a team so dedicated. Their analysis is completely on point, and actually worked with zeal to make sure that everything was implemented well.”


iMergence is a corporate education and leadership development company. It uses a variety of methodology and experiential learning with improvisation. The improvisation techniques provided by iMergence boosts the confidence, way of communication and trust between the team.

iMergence was founded by Holly Mandel who learned and taught improv, later she created a separate arm of her business and continued to develop a unique and interactive training process.

The organic search for the company needed to foster more and so a higher level of SEO work was required for the project. The content on the site made visitors engage but at the same time, the bounce rate was also on the rise.

The Problem


Before working with EVM SEO iMergence had satisfactory results, a lot of work was needed to be done to rank the target keywords well. The site generated little traffic from organic search results when compared to the high number of searches for improv training.

We started working with iMergence in December 2017 and over the course of 4 months, we completely implemented and managed the search engine optimization campaign that drove significantly improved results for our client. Our goal was to ensure that the site has an SEO top of mind.

The Strategy

On-Page SEO

SEO is a make-or-break phrase for a website. We mapped the issues which needed to be fixed immediately including the crawl and index errors, heading tags, meta title, google analytics tracking and search console code set up, broken links, alt tags, robots.txt, and sitemap.XML file. The page size and speed were also optimized with a better mobile compatibility.

Off-Page SEO

Increasing the website’s authority and to get more traffic content submission strategy was brought into action to generate backlinks. We used the article, blog, press release, social bookmarking, directory submission, social media profile creation and search engine submissions to build a natural link profile.


The results generated for iMergence were truly impressive. The page views for the website started to increase within 7 days of SEO. The bounce rate was reduced and a rise in traffic channel was observed.


increase in organic search traffic


increase in daily visitors


reduced bounce rate


Keywords occupied position 1

Google Analytics

Google Search

The google search results were improved by the on-page SEO implementation and off page process. The high-quality backlinks ranked the keywords in top 10 search results among which 5 keywords occupied the position in top search results.

Keyword Research

The keywords for iMergence were the long tail and the phrases “corporate training”, “improv training”, “women's leadership”, “diversity & inclusion”, were combined with the locations of the programmes. These relevant keywords lead to a faster ranking in search results and generated great conversions for the company.