“Choosing Expert Village Media was the best decision we have ever made. We achieved a lot - and it was not possible without their help”.

About Artifacts

Artifacts is a fast fashion company which designs the beautiful handmade jewelry. Alora Arnold launched the Artifacts World after interning the Canadian jewelry designer in Toronto. The designs by Artifacts are unique and a fresh culture in jewelry line.

The Problem

The first thing that we found in the Artifacts was that it was a new business which required the organic traffic to hit the market. Thus, after a detailed analysis, a full SEO campaign was executed to improve the website presence and create brand awareness as soon as possible.


The website had some changes in the internal pages for better search engine rankings. It was having less than satisfactory results which bring up its own set of challenges. The competition was high for the region-specific search in Canada. Thus, rectifying the situation involved the lot of hard work in a short span of time duration.

The Strategy

Both the On-Page and Off-Page strategies were used to achieve the positive results. Our team conducted the Keyword research after analysing the competitor’s tactics, the keywords were then sent for approval to the client and On-Page SEO was conducted to bring the possible changes required in the website. We made the website SEO ready and then decided to initiate the Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO

The keywords for Artifacts were chosen as per its relevant pages and URLs. The combination of the long tail, product specific and location-based keywords made it easier to attract the audience faster. The heading tags, image alt tags, page size and load time were optimized and the search console and analytics integration were done for better leads. The title and meta description tags were optimized with the keywords to rank faster in the organic search.

Off-Page SEO

The link building strategies for Artifacts were initiated with the process of search engine optimization to get the URL crawled and indexed by the search engines. Directory submission on the jewelry listed sites for Canada was done to increase the business presence. Later, guest blogging, PR submissions, social bookmarking and social media profiles were created to rank higher in the search results.


After the rigorous work of Expert Village Media SEO team Artifacts finally achieved what it was striving for, here are the results:









Google Analytics

Google Search

The keywords selected for Artifacts had medium level competition and high monthly searches which made it easier to rank faster in the search engines. The relevance and accuracy of meta tags and the content also played a vital role in organic search results. Backlinks created for the campaign generated an increase in traffic and lead the keywords to rank in the top 10 searches.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the most crucial thing in SEO which can make or break your website. We tried to pick out the phrases which were used more for the jewelry and then targeted the same phrases in the form of long tail keywords for SEO because it’s not about getting visitors to your site but about getting the “right visitors” who seek your products online.