Best Shopify Apps for your Shopify Store (Updated 2018)

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January 11, 2017

Sometimes traffic is not the only thing that increases your sales, you have to effectively use that traffic to increase the sales. There are many ways by which you can effectively use the traffic and convert the sales.

Shopify app store has a number of apps, both free and paid, which can help you increase the sales. We have selected some of the best shopify apps in 2017 and listed here for you

EVM Shoppable Lookbook

Lookbook app for Shopify makes to first position in our list because of many reasons. Almost every ecommerce store needs a Lookbook or image gallery to showcase the product photos or lifestyle photos. The Lookbook app is a feature rich shopify app that allows yout o create unlimited Lookbooks and make them shoppable by tagging products on images. Product tagging is the key feature that makes it different from many other Lookbook apps available on app store.


  • Shoppable Image Galleries
  • Bulk Image Upload
  • Unlimited Lookbooks option
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Ability to embed on any page or other sites as well
  • Highly Customizable
  • Image Sorting and Rearrangement
  • Get The App Here.

      Shop By Instagram by Expert Village Media

    Shop by Instagram by Expert Village Media is one of the most promising app that will allow you to create a Shoppable Instagram feed. By shoppable instagram we mean that your Instagram followers can actually buy the products form the Instagram photos.

    Your followers will see the photos on Instagram profile, and click on a link to your store which will take them to the Shop by Instagram page, where they will see same images, but the product in photo will be linked on the photo so they can buy from it.


    It will be very easy for the users to find desired products that they might have seen on your Instagram profile.
    The app has many features that it will allow you to find the product to be tagged, and then tag the products on photos.
    It has analytics feature as well that you can track the hits and impressions on the products easily.
    The benefit of using this app is that your customers will be able to find the products as they see on your Instagram profile easily.

    Still not convinced?  Check it out in the App Store

     Get The App Here

      Instagram Feed by Expert Village Media

    Instagram Feed by Expert Village Media is one of the top ranked Shopify app which is currently ranking among top 5 social apps on Shopify app store. By this app, you can easily add your Instagram photos on your webstore without any hassle. This app is one of the simplest app which need no technical knowledge and you can configure your feed with just few clicks.

    privy - email popups

    It provides some great features like modal window popup in which all post data from Instagram can be shown, so your customer can see everything on your site instead of navigating to It also provides 2 display options, Grid and Slider which you can select to show the feed.

    With more than 1500 users, this app is among those top apps which almost every store owner want to keep in his site. Its a paid app but with a nominal price, this app can be a must use app for Instagram lovers.

     Get The App Here

     Testimonials Showcase

    By Testimonials Showcase app, you can show the testimonials/reviews from your customers to increase the authenticity and trust among new customers. It is also a good way to increase conversion rate and works well for your site seo too.

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    With several customization options in admin to select layouts, colors and number of testimonials etc, this app provides you good features to showcase your testimonials on site in a cleaner way.

    You can show it as a slideshow or in a grid format as well both on homepage and a dedicated page as well.

    Get The App Here.

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       Product Upsell

    This is one of the most popular app on shopify app store in paid apps category and also the largest selling app as well. By using this app, you can increase the total amount of every sale by upselling the products. When a customer is adding product to cart, you can show them related or additional products in popup and prompt them to buy that as well.

    Get The App Here.

    Yotpo Product Reviews (FREE)

    Yotpo Review app helps in getting your product reviewed easily from your customers. Having reviews on prducts increases the trustworthiness of your store. A site that has reviews get more sales as visitors mostly purchase from a site having reviews.

    This shopify app is helpful in many ways like it sends email to every customer after few weeks of the purchase and ask them to review the product. The best part of app is that it allows customers to leave the review right from their email as well so it increases the chances to get the product reviewed. The feedback will be added to corresponding product directly.

    The reviews can be shared on social media as well.

    Get The App Here.

    Google Shopping (FREE)

    Using this app, you can sync your shopify store products with the Google Merchant Center easily. Your products will be on shopify but will be shown on Google Shopping. If any changes occur on your shopify store, it automatically get updated to Google Shopping as well. It helps you increase the visibility of your products.

    Setting up Google Shopping is not an easy task, but this app made it super easy. Try it, its FREE.

    Get The App Here.

    SMS Notifications

    With the help of this app you can convert send automated series of Abandoned cart recovery SMSes. You can convert cart abandoners into customers & regain your revenue. You can send upto 3 text follow ups:-

    Follow up 1:- This is primarily used as a reminder to what they have abaondoned. Ideal time:- After 1 hours, 4 hours or 10 hours.

    Follow up 2:- This can be used to make them an offer or discount. Because three of the top four reasons that people abandon their carts have to do with prices. Ideal time:- After 10 hours, 24 hours

    Follow up 3:- This should be the final follow up, you can make the offer again or collect the feedback about the reason for their cart abaondonment. Ideal time:- After 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours.With conversion ratio over 20% this is an worth trying.

    Get The App Here.

    Try these Best Shopify apps, and monitor the results for few weeks, you will definitely see an increase in your sales.

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