I know the topic seems old and very common about WordPress Website Security. The reason I decided to write about malware removal in wordpress websites because from last few weeks, many of our clients complained about there site being attacked by malware, injection of malicious codes in their site, hundreds of anonymous users created in wordpress backend.

The most common vulnerabilities to a wordpress based website exploits are:

– Out of Date WordPress Software: The first issue is an outdated version of wordpress software. You always get a message in wordpress backend to update the software version since wordpress moderators frequently launch updates and patches so we need to update the software timely. Its very easy, just backup all files and click update button.

– Poor Login Credentials: Many people use  very common and poor login credentials like PASSWORD as a password or some name as password. Change the admin username and password, dont user name as admin which is default in wordpress. Use strong password using a password generator. Change admin url. There are some plugins available which allows you to change the url of wordpress admin panel and change username of admin.

best site security measures
best site security measures

Solution –You can find several security plugins for hardening the security your wordpress website. Take a look at some of them below:
– Better WP Security: Better WP Security plugin allows you to harden the security of a wordpress website easily in just a few steps. It allows you to easily change admin login url, admin username, limit the number of failed login attempts hence keeping the attackers away from your website.

– Wordfence: WordPress is another free security plugin that includes a firewall, virus scanning and security hardening system.