11 Best Shopify Themes To Create A Conversion-Friendly Store in 2022

11 Best Shopify Themes

Did you know the global eCommerce market value reached $13 trillion in 2021, which is expected to increase to $55.6 trillion by 2027? IMARC Group has expected a CAGR of 27.4% from 2022 to 2027. 

With the increase in competition in eCommerce, it is essential to build conversion-friendly stores with the help of the best Shopify themes. There are several types of brands, and every brand needs Shopify theme development that represents their products. Here we discuss the 11 best Shopify themes categorized based on brands:

Best Shopify Themes For Apparel Brand

Apparel stores are intended to be glamorous and image-focused. There are plenty of the best Shopify themes that have a minimalist design and are designed for clothing, jewelry, sports, and shoe brands specifically. 

1. Impulse

Shopify theme Impulse is designed for those who have medium to large physical stores. Some of its unique features are a slide-out cart, quick buy, cart notes, etc. that can be modified ahead according to your need and enable visual storytelling.

Impulse ensures the non-expiring license for one store along with unlimited free trials and free updates.

Reviews: 95% positive with 686 reviews

Price: $320

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2. Boost

Boost Shopify theme works well with the kids’ brands. It is best for stores that prefer developers’ support in developing the website. It comes in Spark, Inspire and Flourish styles. 

If you want to optimize the website with SEO, advanced product filters, performance, and promotions and compete with established retailers, this theme is the best. You can also add different sections and blocks, FAQ sections to your pages, etc.

Reviews: 90% positive reviews with 50 reviews

Price: $240

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Boost - The best Shopify themes

3. Showcase

Showcase is the best Shopify theme for clothing brands that have a large inventory of products, integrate visual storytelling, and want to sell products internationally. 

You can add multi-level menus, display full-screen product images, enable advanced product filtering and sorting, etc. 

Reviews: 97% positive rating with 100 reviews

Price: $250

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showcase - best shopify themes

Best Shopify Themes For Beauty & Skincare

According to 33% of American and 27% of British consumers, beauty & skincare is a dynamic industry based on trust and reputation. They mark that they are very cautious of the products they buy online because of increased misinformation relating to beauty and skincare. 

4. District

Shopify theme District is a UX-friendly theme that works best for stores that want to showcase their featured collections and products available for pickup. 

This can also be suitable for stores that want to increase their social proof and content. District theme has a built-in color swatches feature, in-store Instagram integration, dynamic checkout buttons, size chart pop-ups, etc. 

Reviews: 100% positive ratings with 656 reviews

Price: $180

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5. Startup

Shopify theme Startup is best for stores that have limited numbers of inventory and are focused on only limited products. However, it can grow if you want to scale your business. 

Some of its remarkable features are an enhanced testimonial section, high-resolution product imagery, display FAQS, blog posts, video, and a promotional banner on the home page.

Reviews: 85% positive rating with 82 reviews

Price: $180

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6. Retina

Retina theme is the best theme for those who want to showcase bold imagery to display products and integrate multiple videos on their homepage. It comes with simple navigation, multi-level menus, natural color palette, a dismissable promotion banner, etc. It also includes unique page templates, refined styling, and a dynamic sidebar.

Reviews: 97% positive rating with 267 reviews

Price: $240

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7. Foodie

Food is one of a kind theme that is best for stores that have physical stores, use visual storytelling, and sell age-restricted products. 

Some of its best features are age restriction on selected products, in-store pickup arrangement, full-width homepage video, and zoom-ready high-resolution images.

Reviews: No reviews yet

Price: $250

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Best Shopify Themes For Dropshipping

Dropshipping websites require fast and appealing designs which are eye-catching and feature-rich. There are plenty of themes that allow you to customize drop shipping websites aesthetically and efficiently. 

8. ShowTime

ShowTime is one of the best themes for those who have product catalogs and which requires a multi-column menu. It sets a high level of customization of page templates and comes in three styles – FashionTime, cook time, and FurnishTime.

Some of its best features are advanced product filtering and sorting, quick product view, three unique header styles, and product video support.

Reviews: 98% positive rating with 229 reviews

Price: $180

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9. Icon

Icon theme is easy and comes with a quick Shopify theme setup, which is primarily preferred by those who have a large inventory of products. It is proficient in full-width layouts, multilingual capabilities, smooth parallax scrolling galleries, and Google web fonts that give a luxury feel to the dropshipping website.

Icon comes in four styles – Christian, Yves, Vera, and Dolce.

Reviews: 92% positive rating with 266 reviews

Price: $240

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Best Shopify Themes For Cafes & Restaurants

The requirements of cafe and restaurant websites are different from a typical eCommerce store. Here you might want features like menu display, location, business hours, online reservation, etc. 

There are plenty of Shopify themes that you might find insightful and work best for you. 

10. Story

Story Shopify’s theme is for those stores that connect with their customers through storytelling and customize their forms. The story brings responsive layouts, multi-level dropdown menus, and an editorial-style spread layout. The story theme is built on a clean and unique design.

Reviews: 100% positive rating with 16 reviews

Price: $189

11. Alchemy

Alchemy is a powerful Shopify theme suitable for stores that require a quick Shopify theme setup and use visual storytelling. Alchemy focuses on highlighting various products and services clearly on the home page.

Some of the unique features of this theme are full-width header images, in-menu promos, a home page gallery, and block style product layout. It lays a crucial focus on SEO, speed, and performance. 

It comes in four styles – Driftwood, CloudBreak, SwinClub, and Seasons.

Reviews: 100% positive rating with 41 reviews.

Price: $240

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There are unlimited Shopify themes that are listed in Shopify, but it is very critical to choose those themes that match your requirement. Ecommerce experts advise choosing a responsive theme that is simple, representative, and has a familiar design. 

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