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6 Self-Inflicted Obstacles That Successful People Eliminate


Success doesn’t come without challenges. Here are 6 you may create and must learn to overcome. The success of others often appears to be an easy path. In truth nearly every successful person faces major challenges along the way. Some obstacles are external and unexpected. Others are self-inflicted and mostly preventable. Here, my Inc. colleagues

How to add Custom Shopify Filters


We have introduced shopify custom filters. We can filter products by adding tags to the products. Following are some filters which are dependent and interrelated: Category Filter: Through this filter, We can select particular category for our products. We can call single collection’s products through this filter. We can set this filter on collection page. By

Using Shopify For Your Business


As an entrepreneur, you definitely want your business to grow and achieve success not only in your local area but globally. However, setting up stores in many towns around the world is expensive and cannot be afforded at all even for the major retailers such as Walmart. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to

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How to Add Color Swatches in Shopify Ecommerce Website


Color swatch system is very prominent in a clothing store site and many other sites too where the product has more than one color option. You may like to show all color options for your product like the customer can click on a color swatch and price, variations all change with just 1 click. Infact

Shopify Vs Volusion – The Comparision


Shopify and Volusion are the two leading ecommerce softwares online. Both includes web hosting and provides lot of features that can help you building a successful ecommerce website. If we compare both of them on some key portions of their features, then Shopify Leads above Volusion. Lets take a look on their features and find

Google Updated Fetch As Google Bot Feature in Webmaster Tools


After a long time, Google has updated some good features in Webmaster tools. Remember the Fetch as Google Bot feature in your webmaster tools account, now Google updated it and added a render feature to it. You will be able to fetch the page and then render it like a Google bot do and see

Google Launched the New Panda Update

Panda 4.0

Google made it official now that they have launched the Panda 4.0 update. Panda update is known to reward sites with high quality content and penalize the sites with poor quality content. Earlier this month it was a buzz that Google will launch a soft Panda update and people were expecting it to be launched

8 Tips to Enhance Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy and Plans

Enhance Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Current scenario clearly tells us that customers like to do shopping or product research on their mobile phones instead of computer or laptop. 2014 will see a huge increase in buyers from mobile phone rather than from desktops. Recently one of the leading online shopping website launched an TV commercial in which the message

Increase Conversions of your Ecommerce Website by 5 Key Points

Eccomerce SEO Optimization TIPS

Most of the time we notice that many ecommerce websites are doing good in search engines and rank very well, but their sales conversion rate is low.  The site has thousands of products listed but still there will be lesser sales online. The reason behind this the design of site. Please take a look at