How to Use Product Labels to Increase Engagement for your Shopify Store

3.49 minutes. That’s how long shoppers spend on average on an eCommerce store. Engagement is a critical metric for any merchant as higher engagement leads to increased sales. A proven solution to low engagement on your Shopify store is product labels.

By adding product labels, you’ll see that visitors will want to spend more time on your product catalog and find it easier to find what they are looking for. 

But, how do you set up the right product labels to increase engagement on your Shopify store? Let’s find out!

How do Product Labels Increase Engagement?

When a shopper is scrolling through an online store, they are usually not paying too much attention. You need to be able to reel them in with indicators that create urgency, build credibility, or illicit anticipation. This is where product labels can help.

Product labels are “virtual stickers” that are added to your online products to call attention to special offers/ information about a product. Using product labels, you can engage new visitors on your Shopify store, making them stop scrolling and pay more attention to a specific product. Labels like ‘Selling Fast’ and ‘Only 2 Left’ are sure to make shoppers rush to buy the item.

What’s more, with ModeMagic, you can add product labels without taking too much time. The Shopify app lets you add labels over your product images on the go and customize these labels to match your store design and the kind of label text you prefer.

Best Practices for Engaging Product Labels

1. Customize product labels to match your store design

When adding product labels, ensure they match the overall look and feel of your Shopify store. A well-designed product label should match your store’s branding while standing out. 

If your Shopify store design is minimal with a few pops of color, the product labels can be designed with your primary brand color so that it grabs shopper attention while staying consistent with your brand personality.

2. Use smart copy tactics like urgency and scarcity to drive quicker action

Tactics like urgency and scarcity have proven to push shoppers to take quicker action. Phrases like ‘Last Chance’ and ‘Low Stock’ are sure to make shoppers eager to own the time before its gone. You can test these different product labels to see what works with your shoppers.

Another way to use product labels is to build trust in your brand by using terms like ‘Award-Winning’ and ‘Organic’ and confirming your authenticity as an online store.

3. Ensure your labels are in the language your shoppers are familiar with

When writing product label copy, ensure that the language is in line with what your shoppers are familiar with. If you attract international audiences from different countries, avoid using complex words that these global audiences may not be familiar with.

4. Share images with product labels on social media

Product labels aren’t just meant for your catalog! You can share these labeled images directly from ModeMagic on social media. With an attractive product label, your social followers will be able to grasp what you are trying to convey, even without reading your caption!

5. Add them to your storefront

Once you’ve added labels to specific products, you can bring more attention to them by adding them to your storefront. This will help grab the attention of shoppers who are new to your store or scrolling through your storefront without any purpose.

Types of Product Labels to Increase Engagement

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which product labels to start with? We’ve narrowed down 10 top product labels to help you increase engagement on your Shopify store and boost sales.

1. Flash Sale

If you’re running a time-sensitive sale on certain products, you can add a ‘Flash Sale’ label to these items to highlight them and make shoppers purchase them faster.

product labels

2. Low Stock

Inventory running low? Let shoppers know about low stocks for a specific product by adding a ‘Low on Stock’ product label on these products. This is sure to make store visitors stop and shop the item, especially if they showed mild interest in it earlier.

3. Limited Edition

Are you selling exclusive products for a short period or have a discount on a special product? Add a ‘Limited Edition’ product label to bring these products hype and increase sales.

4. Only X Left

We’ve all seen a product label like ‘Only 2 left’ and instantly jumped to buy the product. Use this scarcity tactic on low stock products on your Shopify store to elicit this feeling among your shoppers.

Shoppers are highly likely to buy a product they are slightly interested in if they see that there are very few left in stock. Add product badges like ‘Only 3 left’ so that shoppers who want to shop won’t put it off for later.

5. Discount

Many stores run sales with a variation of discounts across different products. You can add product labels like ‘40% off’ and ‘30% off’ to highlight multiple offers at the same time on your store. This will allow you to keep your store interactive so that shoppers can look for specific discounts according to their preferences.

6. Award-Winning

Has your product ever won an award? Boast about it with a product label that instantly lets shoppers know. Add an ‘Award-Winning’ product label to products that have won awards. Don’t forget to add a paragraph within the product page, giving details about the award won to clear any questions that shoppers may have, increasing credibility.

7. Staff Picks

Provide an interactive experience with products that have been picked by your staff. Add a ‘Staff Picks’ product label on your staff’s favorite products so that shoppers can notice products that your team loves.

8. Bestseller

Highlight your bestsellers among your large product catalog by adding a ‘Bestseller’ product label. Shoppers who are browsing your products will see the label and click through to the product.

9. Exclusive

Give your exclusive products a special place on your online store with a product label. Add an ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Online Exclusive’ product label to the product so that shoppers will experience FOMO and want to buy the product instantly.

10. Deal of the Day

If you have short-term deals set up on your Shopify store, you can draw attention to the deal with a label on the product. Add a ‘Deal of the Day’ product label that informs shoppers of the time-sensitive deals you have on the store. You’re sure to boost your sale with such a label!

Increase engagement with product labels on your Shopify store

Product labels have proven to help merchants increase the average time spent by shoppers on the store. By enabling eye-catching product labels with smart copy, you can successfully engage shoppers better and increase sales.

ModeMagic is built to help merchants add product labels without any hassle. It takes no editing, just a few clicks and you’ve added and modified product labels on your Shopify store! With a range of labels available and highly customizable designs, you can add product labels that match your store design, transforming your catalog and increasing the time visitors spend on your store.

Install ModeMagic now to add product labels and boost engagement.

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