How To Build A High Converting Shopify Product Page

Do you know how to create a high converting Shopify product page?

If not, now’s the time to learn how to:

  • Build a visually appealing product page from scratch
  • Leverage Shopify apps to your advantage
  • Implement the power of testimonials to build trust and increase sales

Scientists have been working on methods of understanding the way we learn and process information around us for years. We now know there are at least three different types of learners in the world – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (movement). If you’re a visual learner, like me, you fare better understanding how to build elements that you can physically see. You prefer to visualize the relationship between ideas. This makes traditional website building with code cumbersome and tiring (for folk like us at least).

Building product pages with Shopify isn’t easy at the best of times. I get you.

Luckily, there is a solution. Enter PageFly, an app that uses drag and drop technology allowing you to build your Shopify product page in real time.

PageFly Overview

A powerful page builder for Shopify, let’s quickly run through some features and benefits of using PageFly.

– Drag and drop elements builder
– 40+ templates
– Mobile friendly sites
– 14-day free trial
– Less time building, more time selling
– Slick templates grab your customers attention
– Mobile integration for higher conversions
– Risk-free trial period

PageFly offers a Free, Pro ($9.95/month) and Premium ($29.95/month) plan with varying levels of features. A small investment for a high converting online store. PageFly is a partner-friendly app, so if you are a Shopify Partner you can enjoy PageFly Premium features for free, with no trial period.

There’s not much limit to what you can create with PageFly. They have many unique elements including countdown timers, testimonials sections, email capture and more that can be used to generate sales.

I’ll be showing you how to use some of these elements to build your Shopify product page with PageFly, and when we’re done, I’ll be introducing you to another powerful app for increasing sales and conversions – Testimonials, Reviews & Photos.

Building The Product Page

First thing first, let’s install PageFly by logging into our Shopify account and following this link. Once installed, find PageFly in the ‘Apps’ section of your Shopify dashboard.

The PageFly concept of the product page is that it extends the content of the current default Shopify product page. This means the content we create will be added below our current product.

Let’s start by opening PageFly, clicking the ‘+’ button and editing the product page as shown below.

Choose the existing product you would like to build on. In this case, I have selected the Bearie ¾ sleeve raglan shirt.

A new tab will be opened inside the PageFly editor dashboard. Let’s build our content from scratch by clicking the “Start From Blank” button as shown above.

We now find ‘Bearie’ urging us to drag and drop elements from the left toolbar directly onto the page. Let’s start by adding a countdown timer section – one of PageFly’s native features.

Once done, go ahead and hit Publish to sync the data to your product page immediately.

Once saved, we can preview the page and see how the elements look so far. On the top toolbar, click on ‘Live View.

We’re then presented with the standard product page with our newly added content below. Modify this content to suit your needs.

I’m going to add a few more PageFly elements to the product page to help with conversions by dragging and dropping.

You can see the elements added above. Guarantee icons and an email opt-in for future marketing.

It’s important to note how your page elements will look from a mobile standpoint. PageFly integrates this feature for you automatically to make your site mobile friendly – which is extremely important as we see the number of customers shopping from their smartphones on the rise. Simply click on the ‘All’ button shown above to view your page in desktop, mobile or tablet mode.

Voila! There we have it. We have added a timer (great for Black Friday and holiday events), icons, email capture and some text sections to capture more sales. Emails are an extremely valuable marketing tool.

This is a very basic layout, but with a little more time to optimize, you can make some stunning, high-converting designs.

If you’ve played around with PageFly, you’ll realize quickly how intuitive it is. Visually being able to drag and drop elements makes building product/landing pages a breeze. Give it a try yourself, and if you are still struggling – check out this short video tutorial. Just remember, PageFly is best understood through practical application.

And, if you’re still not convinced, check out just 2 of the 1000+ testimonials.

If you’re interested in leveraging other powerful Shopify apps to your advantage, check out the best Shopify apps covering a range of solutions designed to help you capture more sales.

Testimonials, Reviews & Photos by EVM

Let’s talk for a moment about the importance of testimonials for your product page. Consumers naturally trust each other more than they trust just marketing collateral. Featuring testimonials on your page adds more weight to the decision they’re trying to make. And it all comes down to one simple fact.

What other people say about you is infinitely more powerful than what you say about yourself.

Testimonials, Reviews & Photos app by EVM lets you feature reviews and testimonials on your Shopify product page.

Let’s quickly look at some features and benefits of this app:

– Grid & slideshow format style
– Pre-made templates
– Request reviews via email
– SEO friendly testimonials
– Build trust
– Build credibility
– Improve conversion rates

EVM offer a Pro ($9.99/month) and Premium ($15.99/month) plan with varying levels of features. They also have a 7-day free trial. It’s important to note that the free trial period only includes testimonials and not product reviews. So if you want to add product reviews you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan or above.

Add Testimonials, Reviews & Photos to your store by following this link. Open the app from your Shopify dashboard and you should be presented with this screen.

Click on Testimonials as we are limited to using this feature with the free trial.

Click on “Add New Review” from the left toolbar and simply fill in the details of your customer’s testimonial.

Your customers will also be able to add their own testimonials on the product page where they made their purchase. To enable the actual widget to appear on your page, simple copy and paste the embed code on 1to whichever page you want it to be featured. See below.

EVM Testimonials give you the choice of multiple templates to choose from for your reviews.

If you opt for photo reviews you can make a better impact with striking visuals and real-world application of products.

All review widgets are mobile optimized to be responsive across all mobile devices – a necessity in 2019 and beyond, as you know.

Final thoughts

With so many seasonal holidays on the horizon, there’s no better app powerhouse than PageFly and EVM Testimonials & Reviews. Freedom of design combined with solid social proof in the form of reviews builds credibility, and positions your brand in a place of trust.

Trust is the most precious resource in eCommerce, especially with Shopify users rising and competition becomes more fierce by the day.

Create a special experience on your product page, choc-full of information and user-generated content, and get ready to watch your conversion rate rise.

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