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The Need to Embrace Responsive Website Designs.

Picture this scenario where you just graduated from college. Then one day as you are in town having lunch, a friend of yours calls informing you of an urgent vacancy in your dream company. The last time to apply for the job is in 40 minutes and the application is to be done online. You have your documents saved in the cloud using your iPhone so you decide to download and edit them. Then, you go online to the website you are posting your application. Then you get the shock of your life. The supposed website lets you down as it is not possible to apply for the job using a mobile device. In short, the website is not responsive. What would you feel about that?

Responsive Web Design Company
As stated before, there are over 2 billion internet users in the world. On an almost daily basis, we are seeing technology companies such as Apple, Samsung and HTC launch new devices. All these devices differ on one crucial thing; their screen sizes. A professionally created responsive website design could add many benefits to your company.With the increasing number of internet users there is a need for your website to adapt to various platforms.

Advantages of a responsive website

A professionally created responsive website could add many benefits to your company. Some of the benefits are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

A responsive website is more suitable for search engines. Google, Bing and other search engines have always favoured responsive websites as compared to other types of websites (in cases where a separate mobile website is created).

Flexibility: The fact that a website can be accessed from many devices and still retain the same look and feel, is an added advantage. A professionally created responsive website is able to adapt to all these devices without compromising its quality. This means that there will be no need of updating the website for every new device that comes. Your website will be on the go.

Its cheap: Its much easier to come up with a responsive website than come up with different website for different devices. Keep in mind that devices of various sizes are coming up on a daily basis. At Expert Village Media Technologies, we have some of the cheapest (Please link this to the pricing page) responsive websites packages around the web.

Competitive Advantage: It will be disastrous if your website is not responsive in this digital and competitive market. This is because many companies are ensuring that their websites are able to stand out from the rest.

Its easier to manage the website: We are responsive web design company USA designed using WordPress which is a Content management System. Managing a WordPress website is far much easier than managing a static website. At Expert Village Media Technologies, we provide our clients free consultancy on website management.

Why You Should Trust Expert Village Media Technologies

There are many reasons why over 500 companies have trusted our services.

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We design all our websites with Search Engines in mind. This means that your website will now rank better in all the search engines


At Expert Village, we believe we have the required experience to handle all the client’s needs. Our team has a combined experience of over 10 years. As a company, we have handled more than 500 projects. View our Responsive Web Design Portfolio.

Free Consultancy

At Expert Village, we offer free consultation to our clients. We use the readily available tools such as Skype, Phone and e-mail.
Multiple Browser Supported Our WordPress Responsive Websites are fully optimized for all browsers and operating systems (android, windows, IOS and IE)

Designs for Performance

We design with performance in mind. Users of our websites. Our professional web developers have always insisted on performance oriented designs. Our former clients are a testimonial to this.