How to Increase Sales on Shopify – All The Strategies for 2022!

The end goal for every Shopify store is to increase sales. But, with multiple tactics and strategies introduced to you every day while browsing online, it’s easy to forget about high-converting sales strategies you wanted to set up. We’re tackling how to increase sales on Shopify head-on, with every strategy you need to know about to sell better.

Let’s dive into the 16 high-converting strategies to increase Shopify sales.

How to Increase Sales on Shopify With These High-Converting Strategies

1. Display cross-sell messages on pop-ups

A shopper lands on a product page and once they realize the product is perfect for them, they add the item to their cart. At this point, you have an opportunity to increase their cart value by showing them a product that compliments the initial product they added to their cart. This is called cross-selling.

So, for instance, you could cross-sell a pair of socks if a shopper adds sneakers to their cart. Set up a cross-sell suggestion to be triggered within a pop-up so that you can capture shoppers attention instantly and get them to buy more during their shopping session.

How to set it up: Install Upsellio to set up these cross-sell messages within pop-ups. You can also set up other sales tactics like upsell and BOGO.

Now sure how upsell and cross-sell help you sell more? Read how to set up upsell and cross-sell just like Amazon.

2. Show personalized recommendations on the product page

Product pages see high drop-offs. You can tackle this and increase Shopify sales from your store visitors by placing personalized recommendations on your product pages, below the product details. This way, even if shoppers are not interested in the product they looked at, they can easily navigate to other products. 

When setting up these recommendations on your Shopify store, you can make them even more effective with these best practices.

How to set it up: Wiser is a Shopify product recommendation app that lets you display recommendations across your store. Using the app, you can show recommendations like ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ or ‘Browsing History’ on your product page.

Install Wiser and display product recommendations on product pages.

3. Encourage higher order value by displaying ‘Frequently Bought Together’ on the cart page

One way to increase sales on Shopify is by setting up tactics to get interested shoppers to buy more items from your store. The ‘Frequently Bought Together’ recommendation widget allows you to create bundle offers that are displayed on the product pages of the two items. This can allow you to nudge shoppers to add more items to their cart, increasing their average order value.This widget can also be shown on the cart page if the shopper has added one of the two items within the bundle.

How to set it up: Install Wiser to set up these bundled offers on your cart page. You can customize where you want the widget to be shown (product or cart page) and even pair products so that such bundled offers are shown when relevant.

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4. Cross-sell relevant products to past customers through emails

If you want to look at touchpoints outside of your Shopify storefront to figure out how to increase sales on Shopify, look no further than email!  In fact,  Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transactional rates.

Send product recommendations to shoppers who bought from you, displaying items that they would enjoy, based on what they’ve bought in the past. Such an email, especially after a month of purchase, can help you bring these customers back and increase conversions.  

How to set it up: Wiser integrates with top email marketing apps like Klaviyo to let you display recommendations within your emails. Set up recommendations in your emails, track its impact, and increase sales through your emails.

Install Wiser and display recommendations within your emails.

You can use product recommendations in different ways within your emails. We created a guide to help you strategize your email recommendations.

5. Get quicker sales post-purchase with personalized recommendations on the thank you page

The quickest way to get repeat purchases after a shopper has made a purchase is through the thank you page. Shoppers spend time on your thank you page, scanning details like their order delivery time and tracking link. Leverage this engagement by showing recommendations here.

You can recommend products that would pair well with the initial purchase or even show them products they looked at in the past.

How to set it up: You can integrate Wiser with ReConvert to easily show recommendations on your thank you page Read how Wiser integrates with ReConvert, a Shopify thank you page customization app, to display recommendations on the thank you page.

6. Keep shoppers on your store for longer by triggering a pop-up with product recommendations at exit intent

With clickthrough rates higher than ads, pop-ups are commonly used to convert store visitors into subscribers. But, by hacking your pop-ups and showing more than just a discount or email subscription message, you can sell through your pop-ups!

How? By displaying product recommendations within your pop-ups. By displaying recommendations within your pop-up, you can reduce exit rates or increase engagement, depending on where and how you place your product recommendation pop-up.

How to set it up: Wiser now allows merchants to set up triggered pop-ups on their Shopify store. You can choose when and where the pop-ups should appear and what recommendations should be shown. This allows you to capture more store visitors as shoppers, lower drop-offs, and increase Shopify sales.

Read how you can set up product recommendation pop-ups on your Shopify store.

7. Immerse shoppers and get direct add to carts through lookbooks

Consumers these days, especially with the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest love to shop through moodboards. Set up visual shopping on your Shopify store with lookbooks.

A Lookbook is a product gallery that lets shoppers browse through product images when shopping from your Shopify store. Unlike product pages, lookbooks feature your products within a contextual and real-life setting.

Read how lookbooks can help you increase sales.

How to set it up: Use the Lookbook app to set up lookbooks on your Shopify store. You can customize how this shoppable gallery looks and tag products to each picture within the lookbook.

lookbook image gallery best shopify apps

8. Allow shopping through an embedded Instagram feed

An embedded Instagram feed can help you build social proof for your store, especially among new store visitors. However, an embedded feed is empty real estate, unless you make it shoppable.

By making your embedded Instagram feed shoppable, shopper can click on an image and see the products featured within it. This unique experience can help you convert store visitors who are just browsing into paying customers. 

How to set it up: Cameo lets you transform your embedded Instagram feed into a shoppable feed. With the Shopify app, you can customize how the featured products would look and enable an ‘Add to Cart’ button alongside every Instagram image that a shopper is viewing.

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How to Increase Sales on Shopify

9. Make your Instagram feed shoppable

On the flipside, you can also increase sales directly through your Instagram feed. When sharing photos on Instagram, you can tag the product featured in the image so that shoppers can directly go to the product page and buy the item.

This is especially helpful for merchants actively engaging with their shoppers on Instagram. 

 How to set it up: Tagging products within your Instagram photos is easy. Install the Facebook app on the Shopify App Store and enable Instagram product tagging here. This also enables a ‘Shop’ tab on your Instagram account.

10. Live chat

How can you increase sales if shoppers are not confident about the product they are buying? By setting up live chat, you can solve any questions and doubts shoppers have and make them more confident to buy from you.

Live chat boosts conversions by 20%.

How to set it up: Tidio is one of the most popular Shopify live chat apps. You can set it up with automated responses to common questions and even set up shift schedules for your customer support team to assist shoppers to buy.

11. Upsell through SMS messages

With 98% open rates and 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook, SMS marketing cannot be replaced. With the right SMS marketing app, you can automate upsell messages to be sent through the channel and sell directly to your shoppers. 

What’s more, since SMS doesn’t rely on the internet to communicate with shoppers, you can reach your customers instantly.

How to set it up: TxtCart is an SMS marketing app that lets you set up conversational SMS messages. Using human automation, the app drives more revenue for your Shopify store.

12. Cross-sell products and collections through web push

Another marketing channel through which you can capture more sales is web push notifications. Web push notifications are directly sent to your shoppers’ screens. Using web push, you can segment your audience to send them highly personalized promotions, cross-selling products that they would be interested in, based on their purchase history.

How to set it up: Firepush is an omnichannel marketing app that helps Shopify stores to drive sales with automated web push, email, and SMS campaigns. Set up the Shopify app’s web push marketing to share relevant product and collection recommendations to past shoppers.

13. Upsell through Facebook Messenger

With a vast user base (1.3 billion), Facebook Messenger is a must-have marketing channel. In fact, you’ll see 85%+ open rates and 30%+ click rates on your marketing campaigns when sent through Facebook Messenger. 

Use the channel to increase sales on Shopify, sending upsell messages and recommendations to your shoppers.

How to set it up: Recart lets you set up automated and triggered messages, based on products that shoppers have shown interest in. You can set up conversational marketing for Facebook Messenger with the app and recommend other products that shoppers could look at.

14. Let shoppers find products they want quickly with product filters

12% of users will bounce to a competitor’s site after an unsatisfactory search. Faster search guarantees higher purchases and keeps your shoppers on your store. One way to improve your search experience is by setting up search filters on your Shopify store.

Search filters let you narrow down your search for products based on specific attributes like price, size, color, tags, etc. This way, shoppers on your store can find exact what they are looking for by using these filters.

How to set it up: Use Searchly to set up product search filters on your Shopify store.

How to Increase Sales on Shopify

15. Simplify search with synonyms and typo tolerance

Besides making search simpler on your Shopify store, you can also help shoppers search better. With a frictionless search experience, shoppers can find products they want even if they use uncommon keywords or make a typo. 

For instance, a shopper may search for “soccer balls” but if your common keyword for this product is “football”, they may not get the results they are looking for. By defining synonyms for common keywords, you can avoid empty search results. 

A good Shopify search app can also help you identify typos and direct shoppers to products they intended to search for, even with small typos in their search keyword.

How to set it up: Searchly is a Shopify search app that lets you define synonyms. The app learns common keywords that shoppers use and autocorrects typos that shoppers make. 

16. Set up retargeted ads to lower cart abandonment

Every merchant faces high cart abandonment rates. By solving this issue, you can surely bring in more purchase on your Shopify store and ensure you don’t lose potential customers on your cart.

How to set it up: You can set up optimized retargeted ads for your Shopify store with RetargetApp. The app helps you plan an ad strategy for your retargeted messages, personalizing your messaging, making your ads more cost-effective, and maximizing conversions.

Learn how to increase sales on Shopify to stay ahead of the competition!

We hope this extensive list helps you understand how to increase sales on Shopify. One of the most effective strategies available for merchants that they can implement easily is personalized product recommendations. These recommendations are tailored to each shopper’s browsing and purchase preferences, ensuring they click on the products and make a purchase.

Not sure how effective personalized product recommendations are? Read 9 statistics that back the impact that recommendations have on your sales.

Setting up recommendations that are personalized is easy with an Ai-powered recommendation app like Wiser.

Wiser allows you to display AI-powered product recommendations, making it easy to personalize your product suggestions based on the shopper’s browsing and shopping preferences. 

Install Wiser and display personalized product recommendation on your Shopify store to increase sales.

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