Choosing the best Volusion e-commerce website package

Volusion being one of the most commonly used e-commerce website package has a lot of functionalities that other e-commerce website providers do not have. Also, the developers of Volusion have put in place a number of packages to choose from to ensure that various sellers are able to get highly optimized solutions to their requirements. Some of the main categories that determine the amount of money to pay for the Volusion e-commerce website are: Social Media Integration, Customers management System (CRM), data transfer, Mobile store and abandoned cart reports. Therefore, having a high quality store depends on these items. There are 4 main packages which one can chose from when dealing with e-commerce: Mini ($15 per month), Bronze ($35 per month), Silver ($65 per month), Gold ($125 per month) and Platinum ($195 per month). It is actually possible to have either of these packages for your e-commerce website. However, it all depends on the size of your company and the products that you are choosing. This article explains some of the main things to look at when determining the best Volusion e-commerce package to use.

The size of your business

The size of your business is very crucial in determining the amount of money to pay on a monthly basis for your Volusion website. For small scale businesses that don’t sell a lot of things, it is recommended to choose a cheap option (either bronze or mini). The essence of all this is to reduce the operation cost as much as possible. If you have a large store that sells hundreds of items thus making thousands of dollars per month, then it is recommended to use a bigger package such as gold and bronze. Some aspects are very important in all this. For instance: the CRM aspect of a large scale e-commerce website is very important. This us because serving a thousands of customers without a good customer management system is not an easy thing to do.

Integration with other e-commerce websites

To make more money in e-commerce, you cannot walk alone. You need to have other websites have your support so that you can land more sales. As a result, if you require integration with the industry heavyweights such as eBay and Amazon, then you can always subscribe to the Gold and Platinum packages of Volusion e-commerce. The benefit of doing all this is to get the best exposure that you can get in the internet. Amazon and eBay makes billions of dollars per year and thus receives millions of visits per day. Getting these users as the target market is very critical.

Advice from your volusion expert

Though you can easily design and customize your Volusion website, it is important to note that the services of an expert volusion store designer are very important. His is because of the experience and expertise of the developer in dealing with related designs. Therefore, you should use the recommendations of the developer to choose the best package that suits your business.