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Frequently Asked Questions Mean

Yes we do provide customizations for our widgets to match the design with your store’s design. If any additional customizations are required, we can evaluate it and tell you accordingly if it will be Free or paid service. It depends on the level of customization.
If you change your theme, then the widgets will disappear from your website, then you need to install the snippet in your new theme to show the widgets on your site.
How you will add the snippet?
Please go to Wiser app’s dashboard >> Click on “More” tab from the left bar >> Click on “Install” >> Choose your new theme and submit.
The products which were sold most comes under top selling, In this we compare product sales from the other products sales in last 2 weeks.
The products which has a growth in their own sales from last 2 weeks comes under trending products, In this we compare a product's sales from its own sale of last 2 weeks.
Go to the app in admin, click on Related Products in left panel and there you will find the option to update the selection criteria for Related Products.