Shopify Brands Powering
Their Store With Upsellio

Shopify stores using Upsellio have been able to increase their sales and average order value with smart upsell and cross-sell offers.

Sell more with Upsellio

Dynamic upsell offers

Create and display different upsell and cross-sell offers dynamically on your product pages. Stay close to your shopper’s interest and see your campaigns help you sell more!

In Cart upsell and cross-sell

Display upsell and cross-sell offers on the cart page. Reconvert a shopper that just purchased from your store before they leave.

Mobile responsive

With 80% of shoppers viewing your store on mobile, Upsellio sales offers are responsive on different devices, ensuring positive shopper experience.

Do more with different upsell and cross-sell strategies

Shopify BOGO Offers

Set up ‘buy one, get one’ offers where shoppers get the second item in their cart free. Upsellio allows you to set up BOGO sales offers to boost your sales and convert deal-hunting shoppers into repeat customers.

Volume Offers

Set up volume discounts on your Shopify store to let shoppers avail a discount when they shop for a high order amount. Use Upsellio to set up volume offers to cater to the needs of your shoppers who want to buy items in bulk.

FREE gifts

Offer FREE gifts on a defined minimum cart value to nudge shoppers to buy more products from you. Use this as an opportunity to add a surprise element and offer a positive shopping experience.

Powerful features to upsell and cross-sell smartly

Increase your average order value with smart upsell offers

Upsell a higher-priced product to your shopper who is already interested in purchasing an item from your Shopify store. Increase your revenue by 10-30% on average!

The app enables you to upsell on product pages and cart pages with smart strategies that display offers at the right time.

This is similar to how Starbucks asks if you want a supersize coffee cup!

Display upsell and cross-sell offers on product pages and the cart page

With Upsellio, you have the option to display your upsell and cross-sell campaigns on as many product pages as you want.

What’s more? You can upsell on your cart page too!

Our new feature ‘embedded mode’ lets you recommend products on your popups. Use this unique upsell strategy to sell more across all the pages of your store.

Nudge shoppers to buy more from your store before they leave

Introduce your shoppers to more products on the store with cross-selling campaigns and offers.

Recommend purchasing more products with offers they can’t say no to. With Upsellio you can display cross-sell offers based on what the shopper has shown interest in.

This is similar to how an in-store salesperson nudges you to buy a t-shirt with the jeans you planned to purchase! It is one of the best upsell app for Shopify.

In-Depth Analytics

Track the performance of your upsell and cross-sell offers. See what your customers love and optimize your strategy to get more sales.

Upsellio offers in-depth analytics dashboard that you can track the sales generated from upsell and cross-sell offers from, easily.

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