Fix On-site Issues, Identify Broken Links, Optimize Images And Increase Search Engine Ranking To Make Your Shopify Store Discoverable And Boost Sales.

Increase Brand Awareness And Increase Sales With Seo Expert Pro

SEO Expert Pro is a highly rated Shopify SEO app that helps you monitor and optimize your Shopify store, maintaining your search ranking and fixing SEO issues instantly.

The app lets you submit your product listings so that they rank on search, optimize pages and images for better speed and ranking, and fix broken links for better shopping experience, keeping your Shopify store updated and improving your SEO. This is the only Shopify app for SEO you need to grow your business.

Trusted By 1000+ Brands

Experience the best SEO features ever

Check Site Performance Score

Understand how optimised your Shopify store is on desktop, its speed, loading time, and performance and use this insight to optimize it.

Monitor Mobile Speed & Performance

Check how your Shopify store performs on mobile, from speed to compatibility, and ensure mobile shoppers have a great on-site experience.

Scan and fix on-page SEO

Automatically scan your Shopify store, from products to pages, and identify issues early on to fix your site and maintain your search engine ranking.

Optimize Images

Using the app, you can bulk optimize your images, edit alt-tag, and set up images that help you rank higher in search engines. Easiest way to manage all your images in one go!

Improve site structure with the inbuilt rich snippet tool

The Shopify app has an inbuilt rich snippet tool that structures and organizes your site content to make your Shopify store search friendly and increase your search engine ranking.

Update Meta Tags for Better Ranking

Ensure every page on your Shopify store is search visible by adding meta title and description tags.


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