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A trekking and hiking gear provider company based in Australia was established in May 2017 by Drew Bongiovanni.


Spark Camping, A trekking and hiking gear provider company based in Australia was established in May, 2017 by Drew Bongiovanni. Spark Camping had humble beginnings and is the quintessential example of providing quality camping and survival products at affordable prices.


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Their Problem

Spark Camping wanted to promote trekking and hiking gears online. But its internet marketing was letting it down. Spark Camping was losing out on 100's of potential customers every day.

Spark Camping founder leveraged Facebook to grow his community and reach more people digitally, which is one of the ideal channels of growth for small and medium enterprises with a fraction of a cost and effective results.


Lifting awareness and conversion rates

Spark Camping wished to go digital and want people to buy survival products from them. Keeping their limited sources in mind, Spark Camping partnered with Expert Village Media Technologies to do marketing through Facebook.

Their Solution

Target content and audience

EVM started their first ever Facebook campaign in September 2017 with a monthly Ad budget of $5000 per month.

We created multiple Ad campaigns, split testing, A/B Testing with few of their best selling products on 18, September 2017 and Spark Camping got its first ever sale on the very next day of their campaign.

Over a period of 5 Months, Spark Camping spent about $25000 on Facebook Ads and got 7017 sales which cost them less than $4 per sale.

Their success

Spark Camping is a million dollar company now, spending over $1,00,000 on Ads every month. It is generating a huge revenue with repeat customer rate of more than 80%.

Spark Camping is now planning to enter into drone industry, selling high-end drones online. We give them best regards for future endeavors.

“I can sum up Expert Village Media Technologies impact with one word: simplicity. I was impressed with how easy it is to put together everything and generate an excellent ROI with facebook. Now, we’ve become a brand killing many major competitors. Thanks to EVM team for their professional and creative work. Highly recommended to anyone.

Mr. Drew Bongiovanni