About The Brand

Minter & Richter specialize in the titanium and steel wedding and commitment rings. Scott Richter was dedicated to metal craft and machinery from years, he used to design his own knives at the age of 15. While crafting the swords and knives Scott also used to make rings for friends and family, which later received more demand and appreciation. This lead to the launch of Minter & Richter Designs owned and managed by Scott and his wife Minter Richter. All the rings are handcrafted by Scott Richter from a single billet of pure titanium as per customer imaginations.

Context and Challenge

Minter & Richter was new to the online market and thus it needed a creative approach to have online presence and brand recognition amongst the several competitors already present in the market. Our team realised this challenge and promised to deliver a remarkable ecommerce website design with a visual identity and innovation to convey the brand’s message and positioning.

The problem

Minter & Richter was a titanium ring brand which required a website design to foster the sales, have more customer visits and to create a brand awareness. Rigorous study and efforts were must for the development of website usage patterns with a value added content.


  • Develop and integrate a modern shopify store design for selling their products to online customers.
  • To create a greater accessibility with a responsive web design.
  • To provide a brand and logo design which can capture the story and essence of brand.
  • Customizing a high quality website with social media presence and blogging platform.

Our Strategy

Our Web Development team started to explore the features which a customer strive for from a ecommerce store by a thorough process of examining the brand. They learned that the website design for Minter & Richter would be effective and successful when designed with a high quality content, customization and a easy user interface.

The features included by expert team in website to create a strong online presence are:

  • Custom Shopify design
  • Multiple Payment Gateways (Shopify payments, Paypal, Manual Payment, Credit Cards)
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+)
  • Mobile Responsive Layout


Minter & Richter was looking for a liberal and quality website design, it was its first approach and so we made it clear to make them overwhelmed with our quality work on website. A logical gathering of content and development of a user friendly site structure was done to set the store in competition.

The choice of layout, color palette, user interface and navigation were all made keeping in mind the comfort of customers which would help to create a recognition and like towards the brand.

Website Characteristics

Ecommerce Store

Minter & Richter is not only a website it’s a ecommerce store which offers rings and other jewelry products for sale. It's a shopify store which can manage unlimited products and run the business with ease.

Modern Design

The modern design brings the brand’s digital life in vision of business market. The use of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript help to develop a responsive user interface and to enhance the presentation of different elements on website.

Full Ring Customization

The website includes a full ring customization feature where you can personalize the rings as per your preferences. The size, width, exterior finish, interior colour, edge, engraved text, engraved design, care and manufacturing options of the ring are all attributes included in the product customization by our developers in the website.


The “add to wishlist” feature allows the visitor and customer to store the item for future purchase. It saves there time to search for the product next time whenever they visit the website.

Customer Account

The website allows the customers to create and maintain their own accounts for purchasing the rings from the ecommerce store directly without the need of any other intermediary.

Blog Page

The blog page in the website make it easy for the owner of the store to make the customers aware about the upcoming trends and the service updates in a detailed way.

User Experience (UX)

User experience shapes the visitors experience and engage them with the website content and layout. To make the website highly functional and purpose built all the elements including the graphics and site structure are tested before the release to avoid bugs.

Responsive Design

We created a 100% responsive design for Minter & Richter which can react positively to every user’s screen whether from a iOS, OS, Tablet or Android. The creative and flexible design optimize the webpage and improves the site experience.


The navigation for Minter & Richter was designed keeping in mind all the important information which can make the website creative and exciting for both the viewers and the users. When you explore or move around the website you may find all the necessary information separated and connected to other pages and areas in website. The navigation design makes the user more confident and comfortable while exploring the website.


The expertise of our development team lead to the following outcomes for website:


Monthly Unique Visitors


Repeat Customer Rate


Increase In Average Order Value


Increase In Online Store Conversion Rate


Increase In Annual Revenue From Online Store