Product Recommendation Pop-Ups— A Hack to Reducing Drop-offs and Increasing Shopify Sales

A large number of merchants set up pop-ups to capture the fleeting attention of their shoppers.  Due to their high visibility, pop-ups grab your shopper’s attention effectively, getting them to subscribe, redeem a discount, or just continue browsing your store.

Well-crafted pop-ups have a high conversion rate of 9.28%.

Typically, Shopify stores use pop-ups to get their customers to perform specific activities— sign-up to unlock a discount, subscribe to their email list, or give them an incentive to not abandon browsing.

However, there is one tactic that very few merchants have adopted with their pop-ups. This tactic can help merchants who are having problems keeping shoppers on-site despite the discounts and activities offered to them.

More shoppers are abandoning online stores before they even look at the products available or drop off after exploring just one product page. For these shoppers, you need to be able to show them what you offer on your Shopify store, rather than just giving them a discount code to use. 

This is where product recommendation pop-ups can help.

What are Product Recommendation Pop-Ups?

Product recommendation pop-ups allow you to display recommendations to your shoppers based on the conditions set by you. Since these pop-ups grab attention instantly, shoppers are much more likely to engage with these recommendations and click through to view the product featured within them. 

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For instance, if a shopper adds a ‘toner for dry skin’ to their cart, you could show them a pop-up with ‘Frequently Bought Together’ product recommendations, showing your shopper other items that people have bought with the item that they added to their cart. Since these recommendations are relevant to the shopper’s preferences, they would be more likely to add the recommended items to their cart before checking out. Essentially, increasing your cart value!

You can choose the kind of recommendations you want to show within your pop-up, whether it’s to promote your top or new products like ‘Bestsellers’ or to show personalized suggestions like with ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’. Read about the different types of product recommendations and the best practices for them.

Setting up a product recommendation pop-up is easy using Wiser. Install Wiser and get in touch with our team to set up the feature and convert shoppers through product recommendation pop-ups. 

Types of Product Recommendation Pop-Ups

Just like other kinds of pop-ups, you can choose how and when you want your product recommendations to be shown. Here are 3 types of product recommendation pop-ups based on pop-up behavior:

1. Landing pop-ups

Show your pop-up to shoppers as soon as they land on your Shopify storefront. If you plan to set up your product recommendation pop-up to be shown on landing, ensure that you show the right products, like your bestsellers or new arrivals, so that your shoppers know what is worth checking out first.

A landing pop-up can help you guide your shoppers, especially ones that are new to your Shopify store. 

2. Click-based pop-ups

You can set up a product recommendation pop-up to be shown when your shopper clicks on a specific link. 

For instance, you can use this type of pop-up to show cross-sell suggestions to shoppers who click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button, nudging your shopper to buy products that pair well with what they have added to their cart. Or, you can show the same kind of recommendations within a pop-up on the thank you page, increasing repeat purchases.

3. Exit-intent pop-ups

Exit-intent pop-ups are the most common type of pop-ups used. Showing product recommendations within pop-ups at exit intent can help you keep shoppers on your Shopify store for longer.

For instance, you could show the shopper’s ‘browsing history’ within your exit-intent pop-up asking them if they want to take another look before they leave. This personalization within your pop-up can help you keep the shopper on the store and get them to browse your Shopify store for longer. 

5 Ways to Use Your Product Recommendation Pop-Ups

Since product recommendation pop-ups are a newer tactic, you may not be sure how to set them up, which recommendations to show, and the right ways to use them. 

But, we want to help you get started instantly! Here are 5 use cases for your product recommendation pop-ups 

1. Highlight products with low stocks

If you frequently use urgency to nudge your shoppers to make purchases, you could use your product recommendation pop-up to display products with low stocks using a headline like ‘Almost gone! These products are low on stock’. 

This tactic is already great if you commonly face low stocks.

Pro-tip: Test out where and when you want this pop-up to be shown. Through testing and analytics, you can understand when this product recommendation pop-up gets higher clicks and conversions. Learn more about the other best practices you need to follow to make your product recommendations more effective.

2. Show ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget when an item is added to cart

You can also use product recommendation pop-ups to increase the average order value on your Shopify store. 

One way to do so is by using a click-based pop-up to show ‘Frequently Bought Together’ product recommendations within your pop-up. This pop-up can be triggered to be shown to your shopper when they add an item to their cart. 

Since the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ widget is made to show other products that pair well with the product that the shopper added to their cart, you will be able to convince the shopper to purchase more.

Install Wiser to display product recommendation pop-ups on your Shopify store.

3. Show personalized recommendations upon exit intent

Store visitors who are about to drop off your site need a compelling reason to continue browsing. Your exit-intent pop-up is sure to be more effective if you display personalized recommendations within them.

Show ‘Recently Viewed Items’ or ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ recommendations to make your shoppers pause before closing your store. Since these products will be relevant to the shopper’s browsing preferences, they are sure to click on one of the products within the pop-up and continue engaging with you.

recently-viewed-product-recommendations-wiser (1)

Set up personalized product recommendation pop-ups on your Shopify store using Wiser.

4. Build social proof as soon as a shopper lands on your Shopify store

New store visitors are often confused about which products they should look at or which ones they should browse to understand your brand better. You can make it easier for them by displaying a product recommendation pop-up with your ‘New Arrivals’ or your ‘Bestsellers’ as soon as they land on your Shopify store.

This can help new visitors understand which products are worth checking out and give them direction instead of having them browse through your entire product catalog.

5. Show Black Friday exclusive deals on bestsellers during the sale weekend

You are sure to have a high volume of traffic on your Shopify store during Black Friday. Grabbing the attention of every shopper is crucial to increase your sales. 

Use product recommendation pop-ups to hype specific deals during your Black Friday sale. You can display a product recommendation pop-up as soon as a store visitor lands, showing them your ‘Trending Products’ or ‘Bestsellers’ and highlighting the slashed prices on them. 

Increase sales during Black Friday by displaying a product recommendation pop-up on your Shopify store using Wiser.

Engage customers and sell more with product recommendation pop-ups

We hope this helps you understand why product recommendation pop-ups are effective at capturing your store visitors’ attention and the different ways you can use them to lower drop-offs, increase your AOV, and boost customer engagement.

Product recommendation pop-up is a new feature available on the Wiser product recommendations app. Merchants can enable and customize these pop-ups easily— choosing when they want the pop-ups to appear, what kind of recommendations to show, and how it should look. 

Wiser allows you to display AI-powered product recommendations, making it easy to personalize your product suggestions based on the shopper’s browsing and shopping preferences. 

Install Wiser and display product recommendation pop-ups to reduce drop-offs and increase conversions on your Shopify store.