GemPages and Wiser Integration: Add smart product recommendations to your custom pages

When creating a custom page from scratch, you need a few crucial elements to make the page convert better. Many merchants optimize their custom pages by strategically placing elements that make the shopper stay on the page for longer and nudge them to shop. One way to enhance your custom pages is by adding personalized product recommendations. We have a new integration to help you easily add recommendations on your custom pages!

Announcing our new integration with GemPages!

Wiser now integrates with GemPages, a flexible page builder for Shopify. With this integration, you can display product recommendations on your custom pages to increase sales.

Why Should You Add Product Recommendations to Custom Pages?

When building custom pages, merchants need to display and feature products on these pages. However, having to manually edit these products every time you add a product or change your strategy is too much work.

With an AI-powered product recommendations app, you can easily add recommendation widgets that adapt to the shopper who is viewing the page or display recommendations that are in context. For instance, you could add an ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ widget on this custom page. So, for shoppers whose browsing history is filled with shoes, the recommendations on the custom page would reflect this interest.

This way, you can maximize your conversions and create more opportunities to sell more to your store visitors, displaying only recommendations that shoppers are sure to engage with and ensuring store visitors spend more time on your Shopify store. 

What does GemPages do?

GemPages is a drag-and-drop page builder for Shopify. Merchants use this app to build landing pages, create custom experiences, or set up a stunning Shopify store design without any coding.

GamPages lets you build pages easily, allowing you to create mobile-friendly designs and choose from a variety of templates. With a library of elements to choose from, merchants have all the tools they need to set up high-converting custom pages.


What does Wiser do?

Elevate the experience you provide on your custom pages! 

Wiser is a personalized product recommendation app for Shopify stores. The app lets you add contextual and personalized recommendation widgets to different parts of your Shopify store. With smart recommendation widgets like recently viewed products, related products, trending products, featured products, new arrivals and more, WISER lets you sell more from all your Shopify store pages.

When you create a custom page on GemPages, you can easily add these AI-powered recommendation widgets to your custom pages, allowing your shoppers to browse through products they are interested in and creating more opportunities for you to sell.

With the integration between GemPages and Wiser, you can make your products more discoverable and make store visitors stay on your store for longer and even get them to make a purchase.

How Does the GemPages and Wiser integration work?

Before you start, you need to ensure you have both the apps:

When using GemPages, you can add recommendations following these steps:

1. Click on ‘Library’ within GemPages.

2. On the ‘Library’ page, click on ‘Elements’.

3. Search for ‘Wiser’

4. Here, you’ll find two kinds of elements that match your requirements:

  • Wiser – Products & Collection Page: This module is oriented to show product recommendations on the Product page and Collection page
  • Wiser – Custom Pages: This module can show product recommendations on all types of page


5. Click on the element you want to use. You can then click on the button ‘Add Element’ to be able to use it when building your page.

6. Now, you can drag and drop the recommendation element from the left sidebar of your page editor.

7. When you drop it onto the page, you will be shown a new settings menu where you can choose the widget you want to use and customize the design of the widget.

You’ve successfully added a recommendation widget to your custom page!

Why do you need GemPages and Wiser integration?

With this integration, merchants can tap into new ways to sell more and maximize their conversion opportunities.

1. Build attractive pages from scratch and feature products easily

You can build a custom page from scratch without worrying about having a limited number of elements to choose from. With GemPages, you have a range of elements that you can add to your custom page, including smart recommendations that increase sales. 

The integration allows you to add smart and AI-powered recommendations that are relevant to the shopper who is viewing the page. From ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ widgets to ‘Related Products’ widget, you can enrich your custom page and make it more contextual and personalized to the shopper.

Whether you’re creating a pre-launch product page or a BFCM page, you can feature products without having to manually build product listings. Instead, Wiser pulls your product details from your catalog and displays them onto your custom page.

2. Increase opportunities to sell more

With well-placed product recommendations, you can create more opportunities for yourself to sell more via your custom pages. You can highlight limited edition products, put your seasonal special items in the spotlight, or even display personalized suggestions based on the shopper’s browsing history. 

In fact, page visits with recommendation clicks see a 26% increase in revenue.

All this, without having to create any custom code or manually match products!

Best Practices for Adding Recommendation Widgets to Custom Pages

When placing recommendations on your custom page, keep these 3 best practices in mind so that your recommendations convert better.

1. Customize the look and feel of the widget

When placing recommendations on your custom pages, don’t forget to customize its design. You can choose from a few layouts and change the look to keep it consistent with the rest of your custom page.

It’s important to ensure that your recommendation widgets look like a part of your custom page and fits in seamlessly with the rest of the content.

2. Test different types of recommendation widgets

With a variety of recommendation widgets to choose from, it’s important to test these different types of recommendation widgets to understand what works for your shoppers. You may find that the ‘Top-Selling’ widget catches shoppers’ attention or a personalized widget like ‘Inspired By Your Browsing History’ has higher engagement.

The only way to understand which widget works best for you is by testing them. To get started, you can check out the best practices for different recommendation widgets and use these tips to place recommendations on your custom page. 

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3. Ensure your product images are of high-quality

Your recommendation widgets will pull the product image from your product listing. So, you need to ensure that all your product images are high-quality and visually attractive enough for shoppers to want to engage with it further.

You can do this by maintaining a consistent look and style with your product images and shooting even photographing images of the product in use. 

Clicking pictures using your smartphone and not sure how to do this? Read this guide by Shopify on smartphone photography

Maximize your conversions while building attractive custom pages on your Shopify store!

Install the GemPages app and explore the Wiser product recommendation widgets you can add to your custom pages.