Domain Migration Checklist about Design

After the domain migration, it is important to analyze whether the new domain is having a fresh design and navigational or not?

The post-migration arranging is important from an SEO point of view to abstain from crawling, indexing and considerable loss of rankings, organic traffic and effectively migrate a website.

The following points suggest the key practices consider after post-migration.

  1. Create a new favicon matching to the theme of the website.
  2. Place the logo and check whether it has a home page link on it.
  3. Make sure the social buttons are easily visible, clickable and redirect to the applicable page.
  4. Make sure that all the Categories and drop down bar, sub categories have an updated link of the new domain URL and appropriately getting redirected to their applicable page.
  5. Update the links present in the content.
  6. If you are presenting a live chat feature, ensure it pops out in the bottom right corner of the page after stipulated interval of time.
  7. In case your business is present in multiple locations, then ensure that all the location pages ought to be connected to the top navigation in ‘All Locations’ Category.
  8. In case the rotating banners have a link of promotional product, deals, call-to-actions; check whether they are appropriately clickable and redirecting to the applicable page.
  9. Update Contact Us, Request Us Quote, Registration and feedback forms on the website.
  10. The content ought to be very much-organized with the proper placement of the content, images, videos, testimonials, content size, downloadable content, and so on the page.
  11. Make a Custom 404 page having targeted keywords as of short content. Include internal links on the targeted page which will upgrade the flow of link juice within the website that ultimately reduces bounce rate.
  12. Upgrade every link present in the footer navigation.
  13. Place the updated copyright name in the bottom of the footer navigation
  14. Remove white/blank spaces, if any, present.

If you are migrating your domain to another domain, go through these points for post-migration.

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