Best Shopify Apps to Increase your Product Page Conversions

As a Shopify store, you’re sure to get a lot of traffic on your website. From these store visitors, some drop off after viewing a few products, others add to cart and then abandon the purchase, and a small portion of the visitors get through checkout to ultimately purchase the item. While many merchants have multiple strategies in place to avoid cart abandonment, very few pay attention to product page abandonment. Just like cart recovery tactics, you can enable some of the best Shopify apps to help you successfully bring back shoppers who abandoned browsing your store. 

Here’s a list of the best Shopify apps you can enable to increase conversions on your Shopify product page and set up tactics to avoid browser abandonment, increasing your Shopify sales easily.

Best Shopify Apps to Increase Product Page Conversions

1. WISER – Personalized product recommendations to decrease drop-offs

One of the best ways to reduce browse abandonment is through product page optimization.

WISER helps you set up optimized product pages by letting you show dynamic product recommendations on the product page. These recommendations are personalized to the shopper, based on their search history, last viewed, and similar to the product they are already looking at. 

This way, the shopper won’t drop off your store after viewing the product they clicked on. Instead, they will view the recommendations and be lead to another product they find interesting, ensuring they find the product that they are looking for. 

With well-placed recommendations, your shoppers are sure to convert! and wiser integration result

2. Photo Reviews & Testimonials – Product reviews to increase the credibility

Your store visitors need proof of your product’s quality. You can easily increase trust in your brand with product reviews.

Turn customer trust into reviews that are displayed on your product pages that store visitors can view. With Photo Reviews and Testimonials app, you can display reviews from your customers on your product pages, showing interested shoppers just how trustworthy your brand is. You can also display photo reviews to give shoppers an honest picture of your product.

The app lets you collect reviews from customers and customize how you display these reviews on your Shopify product page.

3. Lookbook – Image galleries to visualize products better 

59% of consumers believe that visual information is more important than textual information when shopping online. With an image gallery, you can easily build interest in your products.

Set up Lookbook on your Shopify store to show a gallery of images on your store to help your customers discover more products. These galleries are fully customizable, with different layouts, colors, and direct add to cart functionality.

With a visual look at your products, shoppers will be more engaged, easily turning their interest into a purchase.

4. InstaPics – Display Your Instagram Feed On Your Store

Showcasing your Instagram feed on your Shopify store helps you gain more likes on Instagram and increases your brand trust. As an established social platform, customers look at a brand’s Instagram feed to gauge its credibility.

Add your Instagram feed to your Shopify store with InstaPics. With the app, your Instagram feed syncs up on your Shopify store automatically, ensuring your shoppers can view photos and play videos within your store. The feed can be customized to match the look and feel of your store theme.

With this showcase of your social profile, you can build a connection with your shoppers, share your brand story, show user-generated content, and provide an authentic look into your brand. 

instapics instagram feed best shopify apps

5. Spin Wheel – Gamified popup to grab subscribers

Many of your Shopify store visitors are sure to leave your store without even leaving their details or subscribing. With a gamified pop-up, you can successfully turn these one-time visitors into subscribers who you can then send targeted messages to. 

Enable Spin Wheel to entice shoppers into subscribing by offering prizes and discounts. The details collected through the pop-up sync with your subscribers on the email marketing app of your choice.

This way, you avoid losing out on capturing interested store visitors.

6. Flits – Set up wishlists to capture shopper intent 

Your shoppers may be interested in a product but not ready to shop for the item yet. Oftentimes, these shoppers would leave the store intending to buy the product later. However, they end up forgetting to purchase and you lose out on a sure purchase. You can capture this interest and avoid losing these purchases with wishlists.

Set up wishlisting on your Shopify store with Flits, one of the best Shopify apps that allows you to personalize the shopper experience. With a wishlist feature, your shoppers can save a product which they can come back to later. They can also add the product to their cart directly from the wishlist.

7. Swatchy Color Swatch – Show product variants easily

When optimizing your product pages, you also need to be able to make it easier for your shoppers to view product variants without having to click through to another page. 

Using Swatchy Color Swatch, your shoppers can display product variants and switch to different colors to view and compare the variants easily. The swatches work on both product and collection pages and you don’t have to open the product page to view the different variants.

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8. Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer – Real-time sales notifications and countdown timer 

The Sales Pop Up & Countdown Timer app is multi-functional, allowing you to enable two most important features on your Shopify store to boost conversions.

To allow you to boost credibility, you can set up live sales notifications on your store that show up on the page in real-time. These sales notifications show shoppers how popular your store is, making them take quicker decisions and bringing you assured sales.

As a merchant, you’re sure to have limited edition products or products that are low on stock. You can build urgency by enabling a countdown timer on your Shopify store using this app. By setting up a timer, you can nudge interested shoppers to make a purchase. Urgency is a powerful tactic and with a timer, you can use it to boost your store’s revenue without too much effort.

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9. Virtooal – Virtual product try-on

Shoppers want to interact with the product better and understand how it looks on them. While you can’t give them the exact feeling of trying out products in-store, you can enable virtual try-on experiences that allow them to see how the product will look on them. 

There are two apps by Virtooal that allow shoppers to try out wearable products like jewelry, cosmetics, glasses, etc. Once enabled, your shoppers can easily try the products to see how they would suit them. This will simplify how your shoppers make purchasing decisions.

For cosmetics and beauty products, you can set up the Decorative Cosmetics Try‑On app to make the experience of shopping for these beauty products simpler. If you sell jewelry, glasses, and other such accessories, the Glasses & Accessories Try‑On app is sure to improve your online shopping experience.

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10. SEO Image Optimizer – Make your products discoverable on search engines

Optimize your Shopify product page and make it easier for interested shoppers to find your products with SEO Image Optimizer. This is your one-stop solution to help you optimize your product images for search engines. The app automatically checks your images, helps you generate alt-text, meta tag, and auto-fixes issues like broken links.

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11. Tidio Live Chat – Provide instant help with live chat 

One common reason for product page abandonment is due to the lack of assistance that shoppers receive when shopping from the store. Shoppers may have questions about how to find the right size, when it’ll be delivered, etc. If you aren’t responding to them immediately, they are sure to turn to a competitor who does.

Set up Tidio Live Chat to allow shoppers to get help from your team and resolve any questions they have. With Tidio, you can set up chatbots in your store that will answer common questions you receive, automating this requirement. A positive live chat experience is sure to make your shoppers purchase from you.

Enable the best Shopify apps to optimize your product pages and increase conversions

We hope these 11 best Shopify apps help you increase your revenue, avoid browse abandonment, and ensure you don’t miss converting interested shoppers into customers. 

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