10 Best Shopify Apps to Help your Shopify Store & Boost Sales in 2019

Posted by: Amit P,
On April 03, 2019

Shopify has so many features inbuilt which allows you to run a successful online store but even if you need a feature which is not in Shopify, you can easily add that feature using the Shopify Apps. Shopify has an app store from which you can find any app to add desired features in your store. If you need an SEO app, Loyalty app, or even if you want to convert your store to a mobile app, Shopify’s app store has many apps to provide these features.

Shopify app store has a more than 2000 apps, including free and paid ones, which can help you increase the sales or expand the functionalities in your store. The very basic question that every store owner ask atleast once, which Shopify apps are the best?

We have selected some of the best shopify apps in 2018 to help you and listed here for you. These are not selected based on top ranked apps on app store like how usually you see on internet but these were selected based on their features, pricing and the support. Check the apps below:

Mobile App Creator

Almost all the E commerce stores have a mobile app as well for their customers which they can install and buy the products. Having a mobile app for your online store is one of the best way to stay connected with the customer and provide them a convenient way to buy products any time without browsing the website.

Mobile app creator by Plobal Apps from India is one of top rated app and I would say one of the best app which allows you to create a mobile app for your Shopify store in few clicks. You will get a mobile app without any hazzle of hiring a mobile app developer and it saves a lot of money that required for hiring a developer. Give it a try.

Wishlist Plus

This is one of the most popular app on shopify app store and also the largest selling app as well. Most of the customers dont really buy anything on their first visit, however they peruse through items and are latently thinking about them. At the point when your store has many items, it tends to be difficult for them to monitor all that they’ve taken a gander at and find what they were searching for whenever they come.

Swym Wishlist+ makes it simpler for these customers to ‘Get the last known point of interest’. With Wishlist+, the customer’s movement is naturally sorted out for them by means of the UI module, is constantly accessible and associated with every one of their gadgets.

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

PushOwl will help you with customer retention. This is one of the best app available on the shopify app store trusted by 100s of Shopify plus stores for their push notification marketing.

PushOwl’s abandoned cart reminders let you customize automated push notifications, to recover your orders and win back the lost revenue caused by the abandoned carts! Push notifications provides a boost to your social media and email marketing efforts – and finally take care of cart abandonment!

EVM Shoppable Lookbook

Lookbook app for Shopify makes to first position in our list because of many reasons. Almost every ecommerce store needs a Lookbook or image gallery to showcase the product photos or lifestyle photos.
The Lookbook app is a feature rich shopify app that allows yout o create unlimited Lookbooks and make them shoppable by tagging products on images.

Product tagging is the key feature that makes it different from many other Lookbook apps available on app store.


  • Shoppable Image Galleries
  • Bulk Image Upload
  • Unlimited Lookbooks option
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Ability to embed on any page or other sites as well
  • Highly Customizable
  • Image Sorting and Rearrangement

Awesome Social Proof Map

This app helps you to show the orders placed by real customers from the cities on an animated map. The proof maps increases the trust among new customers in your store and encourage them to purchase more. The app works in real time, once to set up the app it will start working for you. You can customize the number of orders, colors, labels and the maximum age of orders on the map. The app boosts the profits for your store by decreasing the suspicious feeling of the new customers.

Marsello | Marketing Automation

This is one the most powerful app for shopify store owners. You can sync your customer data to your mailchimp list. Marsello combines data-powered automation and real human experts to run targeted retention marketing that gets results for fast-growing Shopify brands.

From loyalty and VIP programs to email automation, Marsello helps you target the right customer at the right time, with the right message – all on auto-pilot.

Variant Image Automator

Showing multiple variants of your products is now easy with the Variant Image app which automates the variants of a product together without overcrowding the product page. Using the image automator decreases the chances of a duplicate description of similar products on the store.

You can create a better user experience by arranging the product catalog and make the customers more confident while comparing all the available variants of the product together.

The app brings conversions for your store and improves the product listing by showing all the relevant images in a variant. You don’t need to assign images to the variants as the app is 100% automatic.

Privy ‑ Exit Pop Ups & Email

Privy’s free suite of conversion and email tools, including exit-intent driven popups & banners, help you grow your email list from your Shopify store. All without coding or development skills needed.

You dont need to worry at all about how your campaigns are performing because Privy does it all. It shows you Real-time dashboards along with Email notifications. You will get an email whenever someone signs up from each of your campaigns. It can also get integrated with Mailchimp.

Setting up Google Shopping is not an easy task, but this app made it super easy. Try it, its FREE.


This is a one of its kind app which you must have in your shopify store. This app reinvents the standard subscriber pop-up and makes it interactive, fun and irresistible for your visitors. With a combination of powerful features and reasonable pricing, Spin-a-Sale is the most popular interactive pop-up on Shopify!

The Spin-a-Sale overlay displays a special prize wheel for visitors that you can fully configure. When visitors enter their email address, the prize wheel spins and they win a random discount. Spin-a-Sale can be fully customized so you can specify the exact discounts you’d like to provide customers and how often each discount is provided.

Spin-a-Sale subscribers are more likely to use their coupon code since the discount is won instead of simply handed out in exchange for their email address.

tawk.to Live Chat

tawk.to was created out of the growing need for businesses to respond in real time, with real people. tawk.to is a free live chat application designed to increase the effectiveness in managing the online customer engagement experience, enabling multiple websites and agents in a single dashboard interface to chat with the visitors on your website.

tawk.to chat app and ticketing system integrates seamlessly with your store so you can provide real time support and service to your customers. Never lose another lead or sale again, with tawk.to you can monitor and chat with your website visitors when they need you the most.

1 Bonus App

SEO Expert Pro ‑All in one SEO

One of the most powerful app, when it comes to get the organic traffic. This app allows you to scan your store’s SEO issues & fix them to increase your organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

The Site scanner allows you to scan all pages and products to identify the SEO issues and fix them easily inside the app itself. You can even optimize the product images.

The automatic set up of this app makes it more amazing. After the installation you can even get error report of site on your email directly.

This app runs a speed test on your website and provides a score, along with PageSpeed recommendations from Google on how to improve your website’s speed.



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